The Benjamin Kanarek Blog 2010 Camera Awards

Well can you believe it?  It feels like yesterday when we had our first “The Benjamin Kanarek Blog 2009 Camera Awards” contest! Here are my choices of the year and their standing.  Don’t ask me why, because my answer will be BECAUSE.  Just kidding! The runners up are at the bottom of this post. If […]

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Benjamin Kanarek Blog

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays We would like to wish all of you a very sweet, happy and joyous Christmas and Holiday Season.  Here is also hoping and praying that one day there will finally be Peace on Earth.  We are all responsible for our destiny. So lets make it our goal to work towards […]

Wikileaks Censorship… Should this be the Job of Steve Jobs of Apple?

A Letter to Steve Jobs of Apple by Marv Kanarek Dear Mr Jobs; It is with great regret and disappointment that I have to write this to you during a time of celebration. I am and have been not only a user of the Apple platform since it’s inception but an admirer of your innovation, […]
on December 23, 2010

Welcome to Kirsten Lea our New Fashion and Lifestyle Contributor

I am pleased to announce that the multi talented Kirsten Lea will be contributing to our blog as a Fashion and Lifestyle correspondent. As an acclaimed Producer, Writer and Actress, Kirsten Lea has proven to be extremely successful in the entertainment industry. After debuting in ‘The Soloist’ a film starring Robert Downey Jr., Jamie Foxx […]

Gallery 1962 Opening with Catherine Lupis Thomas

Catherine Lupis Thomas, is a multi-faceted multi media pop artist and entrepreneur whom I featured back in September in my Paris Street Fashion Stuff segment. Well not only does she own the very trendy Montmartre Paris, clothing boutique called “1962”, but has just opened her Gallery on 3, rue Tholozé in Paris called “Gallery 1962″. […]

A Cool Pool in Paris by Hermes & Hotel Lutetia

The Hotel Lutetia is smack in the heart of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés, a very Chi-Chi (Posh) area of Paris. The construction of this luxury hotel was initiated by the once owner of Le Bon Marché to accommodate his wealthy customers at the turn of the century. A feast for any “Anyone” to visit. It is a […]

Surprise New Fashion Lifestyle Contributor Coming Soon…

We are pleased to announce that a new Fashion-Lifestyle contributor will be gracing the pages of BK Blog.  She will add her special insider perspectives on Fashion, Showbiz and Lifestyle trends.  We are excited to be able to expand our horizons with a colorfully new point of view of the world we inhabit… Stay Tuned […]

Benjamin Kanarek Blog’s Unofficial Camera Picks for 2010

Being in a position to play with a lot of camera gear is fun, yet can be a rather daunting experience.  Being that Christmas is around the proverbial corner, I thought I would share with you a few of my personal favorite, newer products that have caught both my left and right eyes. Now this […]

Sex in Fashion Drives Audiences Part 2

Some Responses Above Image: © Benjamin Kanarek I was rather impressed by several of the comments made on forums to my original article and decided to ask permission if I could re-post those comments here.  The original article Sex in Fashion Drives Audiences is here. I have not corrected the comments except for the layout […]