The Benjamin Kanarek Blog-WestEast Magazine Fashion & Beauty Photography Contest

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We are pleased to announce the Benjamin Kanarek Blog & WestEast Magazine Fashion & Beauty Photography Contest

WestEast Magazine one of the most Prestigious International Trendy Press Magazines, with 60,000 copies sold in all of the major capitals in the world, are partnering with Benjamin Kanarek Blog. West East will publish a fashion and a beauty story in their magazine and interview the winner. The images and interview will be featured in the Benjamin Kanarek Blog. The winner will be in the company of some of the most outstanding photographers in the world and will be in a position to use this exposure as a spring board to launch or supplement their career.

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The Winners will be published in the Summer Issue that comes out in June of 2011 as well as a great little compact camera for both the Fashion and Beauty winners, to be announced. All submissions must be in by Midnight 00:00 Paris, France time May 2, 2011.

… and each winner of the Fashion & Beauty categories will win a great compact camera, which they will receive 2 months after the publication of their editorial.

Liu Wen by Daniel Garriga © WestEast Magazine

The Rules

The images provided have not been published in another magazine and is of original and current content. For Fashion submissions, the clothing used should be from the most recent collections ( i.e. no matter which designers you use they must be from the current Spring-Summer 2011 Collections); to illustrate your story for the Summer 2011 Issue. The same applies to the Beauty story which may include jewelry, watches and accessories.  All clothing, shoes and accessory brands & designers MUST be credited (mentioned).  For Beauty the same applies, as well as the brands of make-up used.

  • The Fashion story should be at least 6-10 images in either the vertical or horizontal format. One (1) clothing change (Designer) per image (whether vertical or horizontal format). Multiple images with the same clothing ensemble (same Designer) will be disqualified. i.e. No repetitive clothing items or Fashion Designers! Only one Designer per spread! You may MIX it up in one image, i.e. one designers shoes with another designers blouse with another designers pair of shorts or skirt etc.
  • Note I have been getting a lot inquiries about the above rule.  I must stress again.  Do NOT use just one designer for the whole story, that is an advertorial and NOT an editorial.  Here is an example of what is acceptable using a designer a couple of times. I will allow a mix for example if it is YSL “Sunglasses” with a YSL Blouse or YSL “shoes” with YSL Dress. If you really need to use the designer more than once, make sure that it is not done flagrantly
  • The Beauty story should be at least 4-6 images in the vertical or horizontal format.

The BK Blog Editorial Team & West East Magazine, will choose

  • 1 winning fashion theme and
  • 1 winning beauty spread

The Winners will also receives copies of the magazine. Product Prizes for the the Fashion & Beauty Winners to be announced shortly. Will be Photography related… Amateurs and Professionals may enter the contest. NO Glamour shots, family photos, self portraits, dogs, cats or flower photos, etc… If you don’t know the difference just pick up some Fashion Mags and look at the Fashion and Beauty Sections to get what I am getting at… I also suggest you read some of my articles about putting a Fashion Shoot Together.

In the Mood.. by Benjamin Kanarek for West EastMagazine

"In the Mood..." by Benjamin Kanarek © for WestEast Magazine

Technical Requirements

If you can, we suggest you shoot in RAW or Super Fine JPEG.

  • For the initial submission: Each Image should be a maximum of: 1200 Pixels high for Vertical Format or 1200 Pixels Wide for Horizontal Format and less than 1 (One) Mega
  • Final Winners chosen must provide High Definition Images for the Magazine at 300 dpi. Include credits for: Model, Hair, Make-Up, Stylist, Brands featured etc… If Applicable and be sure to include your contact info.

Printing Specifications for the Winners

Size: Double Page Spread Thematic
Trim Size: 488mm (w) x 322mm (h)
Size: Full Page Thematic
Trim Size: 244mm (w) x 322mm (h)
Bleed Size: Additional 5mm from each margin
Resolution: 300dpi

All submissions must be in by Midnight 00:00 Paris, France time, May 2, 2011.

All Submissions and Questions should be sent to:
© WestEast Magazine current Cover with Super Model Liu Wen

© WestEast Magazine current Cover with Super Model Liu Wen

For either the Fashion or Beauty shoot, consider doing a spread that relates to the theme of the Issue which is called “Harmony” for Summer 2011.


Always use the MOST up to date current collections. That is what Fashion Magazines are for, to illustrate what is happening currently. It is not intended as a vehicle for featuring the photographers portfolio.

You may also wish to read THIS Very Important blog post on putting a Fashion or Beauty shoot together.

Updated Information Link Here

Here is the Letter of Confirmation from WestEast Magazine less the Private E-Mail and Cell Phone to protect the privacy of the Publishers

Letter of Confirmation ©WestEast Magazine

The Theme of WestEast Magazine #34 Summer June 2011: HARMONY (June 2011) Our modern society calls for harmony. WE holds that differences should be respected. The Harmony issue aims to encapsulate how varying aspects of life collide into one vibrant world. Humanity has an eternal hope for peace; peace within us, as well as peace on earth. To understand the former, the Harmony Issue will feature the likes of Marc Jacobs, on how they managed to find their way in the chaotic world of fashion. To comprehend the latter, WE will study the state of modern day society. Everybody looks for happiness; WE aims to find the secret to this by learning from different cultures, such as Bhutan, ‘The Happiest Country in the World’. The Harmony issue aims to unravel the simple joys of life, and the beauty of different worlds, in order to emphasize that uniqueness is a gem – monotony is gravel in comparison. WestEast Exclusive Supplement: Believing time is a constant in life, the Harmony Issue will feature an exclusive supplement covering the most definitive events in the domain of watches and jewellery – Basel World, and The Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH).

Some WestEast Magazine Covers

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