Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Leica, Panasonic, Lumix, Samsung,etc. Which Brands are You Using?

Which Brands are You?

Camera Brands

I would love to hear from all of our loyal readers.  Tell us which brand of digital camera you decided to purchase whether a compact or DSLR and which model.  Tell us what was the reason for your purchase and your impressions.

You can comment directly on this blog post or send your answers to:

The person with the best answers (in our opinion) will be posted on Benjamin Kanarek Blog.  The winners will also have an opportunity to choose up to 5 of their favorite images that they captured featured on BK Blog as well.

Can’t wait to hear from you all…

E-Mail Responses & Comments Below:

Marcie Cobbaert, Wrote:

Hi Ben,

I purchased a Canon 5D Mark II for several reasons.  It was an upgrade from the Rebel XSi, my start up camera.  The 5D Mark II gave me the  ability to shoot in lower light.  I wanted a full frame camera and one that I could use with my existing lens.  With the HD video capability and a market that is showing demand for video, this camera was the natural step up.  Canon has always given me rich colors.  I know where the buttons are and more importantly, if a brand has been reliable why switch to another brand, customer loyalty I suppose.

I’ve never felt the need to debate Nikon versus Canon. Simply put, I’ve never shot with a Nikon and lets face it, photography is expensive investment and a full time struggle. Many of us have sacrificed a great deal to pursue this passion full time & don’t have the luxury of switching gear just to see if it’s better.  I’ve never been one to occupy my time talking about gear, great images come from a good eye, good style and an active imagination more than the gear itself.  My lens are more important to me than the actual camera body.  I’ve noticed that the majority of people that spend their time talking about gear, (I refer to them as ‘gear sluts’), don’t typically take good images.  There is nothing more humorous than seeing someone write pages of technical advice only to visit their online portfolio and see mountains of cheesy bad images.

Be Well,

Marcie Cobbaert

Lai Gen from Brazil wrote:

I’m from Brazil and I’m using a SAMSUNG ST5500 with Dnla, Wi-fi and Bluetooth to send it to e-mails and facebook.

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