My Trembling Heart and the Bulgari Exhibition in Paris

After a two hour wait in line, I entered the historical Grand Palais Museum to see the beautiful  Bulgari jewelry exhibition. The energy from these dazzling jewels could have powered Paris for 3 full days. What a brilliant view for a cold winter day!! I was hypnotized by this show.

First, I love cabochon stones and Sotirio Bulgari knew how to do it. Cabochon stones cannot cheat with the light as with cut stones. Instead they show their true color and depth when polished. Pomellato is another of my favorite jewelers where I consecutively walked by their Parisian boutique on rue du Fbg. St. Honoré for two mouth-watering years. Let me not get carried away with the cut or polish of the stones… Back to the exhibition.

I stood in awe of pure opulence and beauty. To think these beautiful stones were found in the mines all over the world. How it would felt to be the first to hold a magnificent raw stone before it is coddled and loved into its majestic brilliance?

These pieces were made in the elegant era of the 20’s through the 50’s by the very well to do. Italian movie stars, of course, we devoted to this jeweler but so was Elizabeth Taylor. Good old Richard Burton spent many movie paychecks in their boutiques, he was a regular buyer for his fickle then wife. Andy Warhol was also a fan declaring Bulgari to be a contemporary museum. Now that is a compliment!!

I would say I fell in love with their tremante or trembling flower brooches. I recognized the genius and the artisanal mastery of these brooches that trembled when the wearer moved. It sounds so cliché but all I can stupidly say they were GORGEOUS!!!

Enough said. Enjoy the pictures. Please forgive the blurriness but I had to take them quickly and as discreetly as possible….

Thanks to Isa Maisa Blog