The 68th Annual Golden Globes Gowns Galore Part 2

It has been a week since the Golden Globes and I can’t help but wonder whether there are any wardrobe regrets amongst Sunday’s winners. In my experience, every awards show serves as a lesson in fashion.

Did Emma Stone fit her Blackberry into this clutch?

I often find the most challenging stage of choosing a special outfit, is deciding upon a purse.

I love purses and clutch bags. Yet often the prettiest clutch, the one that matches a gown perfectly, is not the one that will hold all of the necessary lady items. Even with a range of miniature products available, I still find fitting everything into my purse far more difficult that fitting everything into my dress. And while many awards ceremonies offer the ladies an array of products in the powder room (often companies such as Laura Mercier will sponsor the event) since you cannot guarantee what will be on offer, it is always safer to take your own.

The one accessory that almost everyone is clutching is a Blackberry. It occurred to me that when I next commission a couture dress I should ask for a well concealed pocket for mine. For while I can happily leave my purse with a friend, I never feel safe without my cell.

Eva Longoria in Emilio Pucci at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival

Fishtail trains were very on trend this year and I witnessed guests falling over them left, right and centre. I propose that if designers are going to make such a stunning dresses, they design a wrist-loop for the lady to carry the train of her dress, like a bride for her first dance. This would serve as a practical improvement and would enhance the way the skirt falls when being carried. Designers could ensure the hoop stays neatly in place under the dress train by a small button or clip when not in use.

Natalie Portman changed into ballet pumps for the Weinstein-Relativity Media After Party

In 2010 I filmed my first role as a leading lady in a romantic comedy called ‘Walk A Mile in my Prada’s. At the Golden Globes 2011, I actually felt what it was like to walk a mile in my Prada’s. Hours in heels can wear on even the most enduring participant and leave a lady wishing she had packed the fashionable after-show slippers. Aside from the fact that one needs to be able to fit their slippers into an already over-packed clutch, I think that having a change of evening shoes is essential.

As regular readers may recall, I recently composed a note on Menswear. So my fondest memory of the recent Golden Globes was talking with the perfectly turned out and charming actor Colin Firth. Rather than discuss his win, we were discussing his pocket square.

Jon Voight with his signature cream silk scarf

This would not be overly significant, were it not for the fact that mid-conversation, Jon Voight walked over wearing his signature cream silk scarf. I was positively beaming that I had made such an accurate prediction and it was clear that Mr. Voight was not used to receiving such a genuinely enthusiastic response to his wardrobe. He no doubt thought I was star struck until Colin, knowing me a little better, kindly explained to him, “Don’t be alarmed Jon, she’s only interested in what you’re wearing.”

It was a Hollywood fashionistas dream moment.