Making Your Own Market in Fashion, Photography and the Arts in General

Waiting for that Phone Call

Don’t Wait for that Phone Call or E-Mail

It is becoming more apparent to me the longer I breath, that everyone is generally waiting for someone to make that call that will change their lives forever or at least for today. Now as we all should already know, fashion and the arts in general are very capricious and flirtatious little creatures. These forms of expression rely on the need to either be perceived in a way that is indicative of how you want others to perceive you, or the need to be acknowledged.
Forms of acknowledgement come in many guises:

  • Getting that exhibition.
  • Being invited to show your clothes at one of the major fashion weeks or having your request accepted.
  • Being seen in VOGUE, Harper’s BAZAAR, Elle, Marie Claire etc.
  • Being acknowledged by critics is a  meaningful acknowledgement of your worthiness.
  • Winning a contest.
  • Being chosen to play a major role in a theatrical piece on Broadway or a major motion picture…

All of the above have been the standard bearers for ions. Well, I like many others out there believe that those forms of acknowledgement of talent are changing and with the internet, individuals are more and more often, making their scene happen on their own? Now this is not new news, but, I wanted to highlight this, as their are a lot of “Artists” out their that still believe that in order to “Make It” that they must fall within the above conditions to make it happen.

Waiting for that Phone Call

As I have discovered, making it happen is totally in your hands and nobody else’s. The Internet provides a plethora of tools that allow you to promote your wares world wide with literally a click of the enter key. The creation of a following might seem quite daunting at the onset, but with patience and persistence, you can be seen and acknowledged and remunerated by a very large audience in a reasonable time framework.

Just have a look at all of the online Internet magazines that have surfaced and are actually going hard copy, after commencing as a virtual magazine. Look at all of the artists and musicians that have gone viral and succeeded via their own online marketing schemes. Of course, networking and creative partnership and partnerships are key to ones success and anyone wishing to succeed should be cognizant of this.
Benjamin Kanarek Blog photo contest is a perfect example of a creative partnership between interested parties to create the kind of buzz where everyone wins. I believe that the future super stars in what ever field they are in will excel through creative and unique synergies between often incongruent parties that will output a very cool and unusual product. Mixing Music and a Mustard Brand or Fashion with Aerospace Technology or Sculpture with Spaghetti may be what this world needs to shake up the norm and to stand out from the crowd.
Although a generalist viewpoint, I am hoping you catch my drift and go with the flow, or perhaps against it.

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