My Live And Learn Moment 2 If You Are Going to Be Late Tell the Person

Don’t Be Late

Don’t you just hate it when you have a meeting and the person doesn’t even inform you of their being late, I mean very late and you have more important things to do and it was THEM who asked to see you…Don’t waste my Precious Time!!!

So my advice to anyone on either the buying or selling end of this situation, always advise the person you are going to meet of your being potentially late.  Better yet, ask if they will be on time, or better yet, tell them that you are on your way if you sense there may be a problem.  I can accept 5 minutes without notice, but 10 minutes is just a total lack of respect.

This is in my Live and Learn Moment, because that person just burned a very Large Bridge…Time is money, especially during business hours!

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