The State of the Artist # 7

I’m now being challenged by questions:

What is Art?

Does Life imitate Art?

Does Art mirror Life?

Can Art exist without Life?

Can life exist without Art?

Can you see Art all around you?

Are you an observer of that Art?

Are you a part of it?

Would it exist without you?

Does a gallery wall validate Art?

Is expression that never hangs in a gallery still Art?

Are we all born creative?

Why do many of us kill the creative spirit?

Is life without creative expression a failure?

Are dreams and Art symbiotic.?

Can one note and one word be a song?

Is a song never expressed or committed still music?

Are words committed to a page a story?

Can a story never told still exist?

Can the memory of a photo never taken?

Still be a photo?

Is conversation Art?

Are words never spoken and silence Art?

Are the spaces between notes and chords music?

If you dance within are you a dancer?

Is Art an obsession?

Is there Art in conversation?

Without nightmares would we understand dreams?

Are dreams the escape

Or the reality we never embrace?

Is the artist responsible to himself?

Or his public?

Is compromise the death knoll of creativity?

Can knowledge and technical virtuosity

Become a prison?

Is expression without technical knowledge and virtuosity

Still Art?

If there was nobody to witness, appreciate or critique your expression and creativity?

Would you continue?

Is compromise the child of failure?

Without integrity can true Art exist?

Can integrity be learned?

Can success be appreciated without failure?

Is maintaining your artistic integrity

The only success you aspire to?

Without acceptance are you a failure?

Do you know who you are?

Can you be lost and still be credible?

Can any form of expression coming from?

A state of comfort be valid?

Do you need validity?

Do you fear being lost?

Do you fear being invalidated?

Have you ever embraced the fear?

To kill the fright?

Do you feel compelled to create because you feel important ?

Or because it’s important for you to create?

Are you at peace with yourself?

Do you fear the silence?

Can silence be deafening?

Do you fear Loneliness?

Do you feel committed to the path

That has chosen you?

Do you fear failure?

Can you learn from your failures?

Can success exist without failure?

Do you learn something everyday?

Do you listen to others?

Do you listen to yourself?

Do you observe others?

Do you observe yourself?

Do you understand yourself?

Do you need to be understood?

Can you accept not being understood?

What is Art?

Does life imitate Art?

Does art mirror life?

Can Art exist without life?

Can life exist without Art?

Later… Peace…

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