Where Do We Go from Here?

I would love to hear from readers of this blog what you would like to see, hear and talk about on BK Blog.  Would you like to see a forum, workshops, guests in this and other disciplines?
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  1. I know comparing artists is a no no but I am also a big follower of Melissa Rodwell’s fashion photography blog and I love her tutorials which aren’t really tutorials its just a short ten to fifteen minute video of her doing a shoot, she talks a little about what lens, camera, aperture and shutter speed she is using, she also talks about what theme she is shooting and how she got there. For outsiders looking in these videos are so valuable as they show the real stuff that goes on. At the end she shows the some of the final images but just the fact that you can see where she puts her soft box or beauty dish is a plus. I love that video you did with the models wearing purple but it was the last and only video that I have seen of your work. I got to see you use a Pentax which was cool for many Pentaxians but I myself am not married to just one brand and like all brands. I also notice you are not on facebook and you don’t have a flickr group which is also a great way to get more poeple on here.

    1. Hello Frank,
      To find the making of videos you do a search on the BK blog in the header or you can check the thumbnail video and making of video, you will find quite a few of them. As for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter accounts, go on the home page, right under the header you have a section “FIND ME ON” with a whole bunch of icons to follow us from other sources. 😉

  2. Hi Frank;
    Thanks for your e-mail. As per your comments, I do actually have a Facebook account with my name, I have several video’s on my blog that many people have found instructive and interesting.
    In fact I have been systematically doing Making of Videos for the past few months, but cannot post them until the actual images are published, which is usually a few months after the actual shooting.
    Thanks again
    Ben 🙂

  3. thanks Ben and Frédérique. You have made my day with the videos will be watching them and i’ve found you a facebook. Very cool.

  4. Benjamin,
    First off I would like to say I very much enjoy your work and I enjoy visiting your blog almost daily. I also catch you on Fred Miranda from time to time. I am not sure why more people do not comment more on your posts over there. You are a good educator and have a wealth of information to give.
    What I would like to see on your blog is more articles by you and your peers about fashion photography and technique, lighting, etc. More importantly since im sure a lot of your readers do not work in the fashion industry it would be nice for you to talk more about your vision and how you approach each shoot. I have only been shooting a few years but find it difficult dealing with inexperienced subjects that I might be shooting. It might be a teenage girl who has never had a photo session. Im quite sure with all your years of experience you could probably talk a while on the subject of shooting people and how to deal with them to get the best shoot possible.
    I love behind the scenes videos of your shoots. I would like to see more of these if possible. I would also like to see you maybe take some of your previous shoots (one at a time) and dissect them and tell us how you did it and what was the story you were trying to tell and what you liked and did not like about it.
    I fashion photography forum might be nice if there were enough fashion photographers that would join in.
    Another great feature would be where you maybe have a live fashion shoot where you take questions from facebook and twitter or via some chat system where the viewer could type in the questions they had while you shoot and talk us through what you are doing and showing us your process.
    Any of these suggestions would be great to see on your blog but im sure you will come up with something equally as good. I am looking forward to seeing the changes.

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