An Experience I had with a Major Model Predator in the Business


Regarding the abuse of models, actresses…When known model abuser and owner of VIP agency in Paris, Claude Haddad basically said to me in a serious tone, “You better work with our models or…” and I said “Or what? Are you threatening me? ” He just showed me a menacing smile. As I walked out of his office which was on Blvd. Sebastopol in Paris at the time, I decided then and there that his agency was bloycotted indefinitely and that is what invariably happened. Everyone knew of his lesser than desirable escapades.

Sadly, when models from VIP would come to a casting at a magazine I was shooting for, I had to say, “I am so sorry, but I don’t work with VIP and until you change agencies, I will not be working with you”. He was one of the sleazballs from that epoch, i.e. the late 80’s! Just looking at him made me think, what a swarthy despicable piece of work! It makes me angry rekindling this episode in my life!
There were and are many more major predators in our biz, but this was an experience I had directly and in the face of one of them.
PS…as a caveat, I also boycotted Trump Models…
News Update: More on The Donald’s unsavoury sexual exploits: LINK


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