Flamenco © Benjamin Kanarek

What Kind of Fashion Photographer are You?

That is a difficult question to answer. I am not your classic photographer. By that I mean, I never intended to be a photographer. It just kind of happened by accident. It was literally an accident. Never studied, never assisted, never took it seriously until I took it seriously. When I bought my camera after my accident, I looked at the camera, jumped into the role and said “I am now a photographer”. Sound strange? Perhaps. But that is how it happened. I was a new babe in this profession and didn’t take to it like most do. As a result, I created images that were somewhat unique. I didn’t have any classic training and as a result made some very exciting mistakes.

As some of you may know, my second shoot as a“Pro” was published. I was the first photographer in Canada to shoot a cover with Kim Alexis for “Chatelaine” magazine and once did a re-shoot for Bert Stern.

As I got more confident so did my ego. I became invincible (So I thought) and projected myself thus. I started to burn all of the bridges I constructed and self destructed. Better to leave than to be left I guess. More to do with childhood pain than anything else.

As to your question. I only shoot when I am being published. Yes I did test in Milan when I had no money to feed my face. I would say that I’m batting about 8.5 out of 10 shoots that are published. Perhaps the ratio is higher. I guess I have about 2500 tear sheets or more out of at least 25 magazines and “Have Been” quite wealthy as a result. I PISSED all of that away thinking it was a never ending source of income… WWWWRRROOONNNGGGG.

At one point in my career it was coming in so quickly that I didn’t have time to spend what I was making.

Flamenco © Benjamin Kanarek
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