“That Thing” in the White House…How Will it Leave?


Donald Trump the Fake President

“That Thing” (that name I will not mention), will try to poison the waters as much as possible before leaving. He will leave the office with a hanging chad unfinished business mindset for his fervent followers! His enablers are filing frivolous unfounded legal attacks against those States where Biden has a major lead-in. All of the Judges have thrown out those attempts as unfounded, asking “show me the proof”.

He is actually trying to undo Obama care 70 days before he must give up the reigns of power! He is attempting to destroy and undo everything that was established under the Obama Presidency.  He will not try to unify the nation, he will not make a concession speech, he will not congratulate the President-Elect Joseph Biden and Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris, he will not, he will not, he will not!

Donald Trump The Fake President

He is not going to respect the protocols of the transition. As did Hitler he will do his best to make America suffer because of his frail ego being hurt! If he could he would bring America down with him, as did Nero when he burned down Rome. His toxic effects will be left behind for all to have to pick up after him. What a teeny weeny plebian pedestrian predictable pompous whiny BITCH!

Bye Bye Baby

Bye, Bye Asshole! Don’t close the door behind you, the American people will!

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