Which Camera Brand is the Best?

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I have had the opportunity to be on several photographers forums and one of themes that captures the imagination, visceral reactions and high end emotion is “Which Camera Brand is the Best!”

Back when film was king and in most cases, any 35mm SLR could provide a professional photographer the tools required for doing the job. Motor drive speed was the one of the most important factors in making a decision and most of the brands offered relatively fast speeds for most applications.

Today the requirements are similar with quite a other considerations thrown in to the works. How many pixels, sensor quality, speed, in camera editing, synch speed, video provision, noise levels, color rendition etc, etc, etc… ?

Which Camera Camera Brand is the Best?

Now if we were having this discussion five or six years ago, the playing field would be quite small and the choices would be quite limited. Today, every major brand from Sony to Canon, Pentax, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, etc… Have some very good tools for those of us looking for a reasonably priced “Disposable Camera!”
Yes I said “Disposable Camera”. These high technology tools give us quality that we could only have dreamed of a few years ago, out classing most 6×4.5 and 6×6 Medium Format film cameras and easily out classing high iso film.

When we consider that most digital bodies are recycled every 18 months or so, we have to ask ourself, “when should we upgrade or why should we upgrade?” In the past a 35 mm film body could be used for a minimum of 5 years and the only concern would be would the camera last over 200,000 activations and which lens do I want to add to my arsenal.

Today it is very much the opposite and the element of the the greatest importance in my opinion is the quality of lenses you have in your arsenal. These lenses will be used on every future upgrade of body, unless the camera manufacturer changes the mount system. In that case you are shit hot out of luck.

What am I trying to say here is that I would not go out and spend a fortune on the top of the line camera, unless it is very reasonably priced. Every single mid market camera today can produce excellent professional results. Determine the maximum output required for what ever medium you are working in and based on those requirements, you can make your purchase.

Spend the money you saved on your kids, your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or mistress.

If the technology that is out there today is insufficient in your estimate to produce a fine image, I strongly suggest that you find another hobby or become a professional pixel peeper!

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5 thoughts on “Which Camera Brand is the Best?

  1. I love the idea of just having an ecosystem of products which work for all situations. However it seems like no single ecosystem has what I’d like or rather at the price points which other ecosystems sell equivalent products.

    Pentax / Olympus weather sealing + Canon Lenses + Nikon CLS and ISO capabilities = ideal to me, however it’s a matter of finding the lesser of evils I think now than ever before.

  2. I want them to build a camera that lasts a lifetime so that I won’t have to worry about shutter life, electronics and all that stuff… Military computers are built to work even with a bullet in them, why can’t we have tough cameras that last AT LEAST 30 years? Oh, why?

  3. After all, the camera is just a tool 🙂

  4. Which Camera Brand is the Best? – Benjamin Kanarek Blog (blog) | x Camera Zoom says:

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  5. Michael Forster says:

    Hi Ben…
    Continuing your advice, Jeanloup Sieff said:
    “choisissez celui qui vous plait, qui s’harmonise le mieux à votre dernière voiture, à la couleur de votre costume, ou qui est utilisé par votre photographe favori…
    L’appareil photographique n’a donc qu’une importance toute relative car, en fin de compte, ce n’est pas lui qui fait la photo mais VOUS.”
    Couldn’t agree more with the two of you…
    My only problem with “using the camera of your favorite photographer is – it’s getting expensive!
    I have a K10D because of you, three Leica M because of Jeanloup Sieff, HCB and Robert Doisneau, a 1937 Rolleiflex Automat because of Richard Avedon, a RB67 because of Annie Leibovitz and a wonderful Pentax 645N because it “suits the color of my sweater” (meaning I just like its handling…) Things are getting out of hand… 🙂 🙂

    And again, thanks a million for your “tips & tricks” and “mini-workshops”… MUCH appreciated…
    Could you share some more of your lighting setups?

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