Jeanne Beker Interviews Fashion Photographer Benjamin Kanarek at the Bristol Hotel Paris

Jeanne Beker © CTV

Jeanne Beker was covering Paris Haute Couture Collections as she has done for the last 25 years for CTV’s Fashion Television. However, this Paris Couture Fashion Week was kind of special as Jeanne and Benjamin hooked up after several years of not seeing each other since their late teens.

Jeanne and Benjamin reconnected a few months ago and finally met up at the Bristol Hotel in Paris yesterday. Benjamin Kanarek and I spent four hours with Jeanne Beker and her production crew when Jeanne interviewed Benjamin Kanarek as part of a segment on his career that will be integrated in to the photo shoot that Benjamin will do for their new magazine shortly. In so many ways the title should read Benjamin interviews Jeanne and Jeanne interviews Benjamin.

It was quite amusing to watch Jeanne and her crew entering the hotel lobby where Benjamin did a surprised attack and screamed out loudly “JEANNE!” where she spun her head around and screamed “OH MY GOSH!”. Benjamin approached Jeanne and literally lifted her up off the floor and gave her a huge bear hug. They were cracking some pretty hilarious jokes and it was as if they had only seen each other yesterday.

Jeanne Beker, the Ipso Facto Canadian Voice and Face of Fashion 

I really enjoyed listening to the interaction between Jeanne and Benjamin (Bernie as she used to call him) as they talked about their careers and how in many ways their paths have been similar. Both Benjamin and Jeanne were involved in the music business as well as being heavily ensconced in the fashion industry. Jeanny Beker is the Ipso Facto Canadian Voice and Face of Fashion. She has an incredible sense of humor and has an infectious laugh that is highly contagious to say the least. Her warmth and openness is such a pleasure to experience, as it is so rare in this business called the Fashion Industry.

The backdrop of the Bristol Hotel, (where Benjamin Kanarek shot Haute Couture Collections for Harper’s Bazaar last January with model Marlena Szoka) was a perfect environment to highlight the importance of Jeanne Beker’s involvement in the Fashion Industry.

Once the photo shoot and video coverage are complete and the images published, I am sure you will be able see it on TV, as it is syndicated in over 120 countries world wide, as well as being reported on Benjamin Kanarek Blog.

Snapshot of Jeanne Beker with Benjamin Kanarek at the Bristol Hotel after the interview © Frédérique Renaut

Here is an instructive video where Jeanne is being interviewed on “Daytime” a Canadian lifestyle program where she talks about her career in Fashion, her life journey, some philosophical aspects of living in the fast lane and just being Jeanne Beker. I found this interview illuminating, informative and enlightening. I can say this with undisputed certainty, she is one very unique and irreplaceable soul. 

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