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Samsung ST 93

No… Samsung are NOT paying me to endorse their products. But this compact from Samsung looks like it will taste great!

I would love to have one of these, especially for doing HD Video while Frédérique my Co-Creative Director and Videographer is filming our Making of Video’s. I could film her while filming us doing the shoot… Wow that IS convoluted.

The camera is the latest addition to Samsung’s ultra-slim, stylish ST range, with enhanced optical performance through Dual Image Stabilization, 16-megapixel picture quality, and 26mm wide angle and 5x optical zoom lenses. The camera also boasts a Smart Filter feature, for users to be creative with their snaps. The latest launch reinforces Samsung’s ambition to produce fashionable and portable cameras that maintain a premium and high-quality feature set to create great images.

The ST93 features a market-leading Dual IS capability, combining Optical Image Stabilization with traditional Digital Image Stabilization technology. The Dual IS creates clear and sharp images in any environment and prevents blurring when taking those spur–of-the-moment shots. The camera’s innovative Dual IS technology allows customers to enjoy their camera experience to the full and enhance their individual creativity without the worry of blurry images.

Measuring just over 17.5mm, you can slip the sleekly designed ST93 into your pocket or handbag, and take it wherever you go. The ST93’s Smart Filter lens and color options ensure straightforward capturing for both still shots and movie recordings. Advanced options include miniaturized capturing, a Vignetting effect for striking compositional contrast, as well as innovative, newly-added effects including a Soft Focus function for atmospheric photos. The Smarter Filter’s Half-Tone Dot option creates fun-packed photos with a comic book feel, and the palette effect adds a variety of color options to your images. In addition, the camera’s innovative Panorama Shot feature ensures every wide-angled vista is captured for seamless and stunning images.

“Today’s launch reinforces Samsung’s ability to balance our consumers’ style and design needs, while maintaining category-leading innovative and high-performing features, such as Dual IS,” Mr. Hyunho Chung, Executive Vice President and Head of the Digital Imaging Business, Samsung Electronics. “We know our customers are passionate about compact sleek designs and the latest technology advancements. Now, following the global success of the ST95, ST90 and ST65, we are offering even more powerful optical performance to meet these demanding requirements. The design of the ST93 has been carefully considered to ensure it meets the requirements and usability needs of our customers for the best camera experience at an affordable price.”

Smart Filter and Panorama Shot for advanced creative experience
It’s never been easier to get creative with the ST93’s Smart Filter lens, which has a range of exciting settings for unique, stylized shots and movie recordings for users to choose from.

To ensure that customers are not limited to simple landscape or group portrait shots, the ST93 also boasts the Panoramic Shot feature through its wide-angle lens. Once the shot has been taken, the innovative proprietary panoramic technology automatically searches for motion borders of the two images which are incorporated into one seamless, breathtaking image.

Expressing your personality through the Magic Frame feature
The ST93’s Magic Frame feature enables users to create poster-quality visuals that communicate their individual mood and personality. By simply selecting one of the built-in Magic Frame templates, including Wall Art, Retro Film, Ripple, Full Moon, Retro Record and Classic TV, you can create an innovative and unique-looking image every time.

HD Movie Recording for advanced capturing
 High-quality video capturing is a must-have function, and the latest ST93 makes sure people can effortlessly capture great videos through the HD shooting and playback movie functions, and then share and enjoy with friends. The ST93 includes 720p HD Movie recording at an impressive 30 frames per second. The advanced 5x optical zoom can also be used when recording close up, crisp and detailed videos for users to share with loved ones. For additional convenience, the ST93 features the Record Pause function so you can halt recording and start up again through the simple push of a button, creating one film rather than the two separate clips which would usually result. The sound quality of recordings has also been enhanced through the Sound Alive feature, which enables clear sound recording by eliminating zoom noise, so you can capture the highest quality recordings in any environment.

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