Tasty Tech Toys Samsung W200 Video Camera

Samsung W200

Samsung W200

We have decided to start this new blog called “Tasty Tech Toys”.  I will be posting some of the juicy treats out there that may tantalize your tech palette. Enjoy the Menu!

I have always been a fan of recyclable and disposable stuff, from Bic Pens to Bic Razors and those great little disposable cardboard and plastic camera’s. Today’s digital technology is like the high tech of what the Bic pen was, but more highly evolved. This new toy from Samsung fits the ticket and will undoubtedly become obsolete in a few months (at least from a marketing point of view) and be replaced by a newer and more highly evolved  version. I am sure however that this toy could work very handily for the next few years.  But as is the case with most technology today 12-18 months is the typical re-cycle period. None the less, I think this toy might fit the bill for those of you needing a cheap high quality toy that probably does what it does pretty well. If what Samsung has done up to now is any indication, I am sure the quality will be very good indeed.

The Samsung W200 is a pocket-sized, waterproof Full HD camcorder featuring a 5-megapixel CMOS imager. With a bright f/2.2 lens and a tough body that’s waterproof down to a depth of 3 metres, the Samsung W200 is especially well-suited to capturing underwater videos and stills. The lens also features anti-fog coating that lets steam disperse so you always have clear, blur-free videos and pictures even straight after coming out of the pool. The 1300mAh battery provides enough power for up to two hours of continuous recording. Videographers can shoot up to a 1080 resolution in Full HD. The Samsung W200 Pocket Cam will be available from May at a recommended retail price of $159.

Samsung W200

“The W200 is the ideal Pocket Cam for anyone who wants to experience life to the fullest and share those experiences with friends and family,” said Hyunho Chung, Samsung digital imaging business executive VP. “It’s tough enough for filming a backpacking trip or vacation with small children, and light enough to carry around with you every day, so that you never miss a moment. We’ve used the latest in Samsung technology to make sure that you’re able to capture a faithful memory of your experiences, wherever you go. The W200 is the Pocket Cam that you’d never want to leave at home – it’s reliable and easy to use, whatever adventure you’re setting out on.”

More Tasty Treats Coming Soon!

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