On the Farm Fashion Week “John Deere” Spring-Summer 2011 Collections Preview

Well, we have seen the New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks with the Chanel’s, Gucci’s, Prada’s, Dior’s, Viktor & Rolf’s, Vivienne Westwood’s and Ralph Lauren’s. But the Fashion Week that I always wait for with baited breath is the Bi-Annual “On the Farm Fashion Week“. As it is just getting started, I thought I would share one of my favorite fashion gems. Hope you love them as much as we do at BKBlog.

Below: Doug (on the left) is wearing a “Matador Red” John Deere Reversed “V” Tee Shirt with a  uniquely colored Cocoa Maroon brushed leather “JD-VIP” vest and John Deere straight leg “Around the Barrel” jeans and a pair of suede “Jay Dee” Kick em in the Nuts Boots. Darlene Doll (on the right) is wearing a “Johnny Deerest” by John Deere sleeveless sheer cotton nude toned tee shirt with a revealing hot pink “Johnny Deerest” “I Love My Tractor” bra. She is also clad in a wonderfully revealing kaki pair of “JD Voyager” Sports Shorts and “JD Walks” thongs sandals.

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