What will this Barbie wear? Milan Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2011

Bellissima Barbie…

As Barbie, I love going to Italy because I am inamorato with the Italian men. I can just stare at them all day drinking my cafe macchiatos and snarfing down my pasta!! My Ken is not too pleased but que sera, sera. However I am here to shop my way through the Milan fashion shows so let the games begin… !!!!

My favourite Milan show is DSquared²! Hits the tomboy side of me which I have been leaning towards throughout this S/S 2011 season. My favourites are (drum roll, please!):

With its great thrown together look. And more Oxford’s flats. First in London and now in Milan. Hey, I think it may be a trend…

A chic and sassy combo. If you want it sexier as this Barbie does, unbutton the buttons, girlfriends!!!

The putty-coloured crisp dress is a classic but it is also a mini dress so it adds some ‘hipness’ to it. Adding the dark chocolate brown Safari-jacket screams classy Italian.

Alberta Ferretti pieces could easily work with the Ralph Lauren leather and lace ensembles from New York. I only eyed two which is not a lot from this design house. They are:

A casual Baja cool with its linen trunks and a loose lace shirt. Both pieces are wearable and I find this to be essential when I buy. We want our wardrobe to work for us!

It is the same putty and white colour scheme but a more relaxed, lounge look. I like it and I see myself walking along a beach with the waves lapping up against me.

Emilio Pucci had only one possibility and it is a mini white laced-tunic dress with a royal blue print. The boots are bad-ass but we must not be in a hurry to lace these babies up.

Black has never been my black, I tend to lean towards a very dark chocolate brown but surprisingly I am enchanted with two pieces from Bottega Veneta. A comfortable smock dress with easy throw on sandals and  an incredible black jumpsuit

I would add this GUCCI’s as equally hot. I really like these jumpsuits!

Fendi had some casual and fun get ups. Deep colours that would go well with a nice tan. These two pieces work well for sight seeing, going to the markets, picking up your children from school. Basically, everyday tasks. Depending on the job, they may be too casual and bright but then again I may be wrong.

White is big and I love this dress. With a touch of colour on the lips and shoes, it keeps it from being boring. The sweet little cotton ball bolero could easily be worn with other purchased pieces I have gathered.

Here I go again with the bad-girl look!  From sweet and innocent to kick ass, I am having some key pieces from Gucci. Aaaaahhhh, the bad girl thing with a great pair of black leather pants worn with a super crocheted/macrame/knitted top.  Sold to this Barbie!! But the best are the jodhpurs, I am in love with them. Cut at the knees or mid-calf, they look great with any top or jacket as you see with these varieties.

Jodhpurs are definitely going to be seen this Spring and Summer so get yourselves a pair!!!!

And last but never least, a few pieces more to add to my incredible wardrobe…

MaxMara has a great little combo with its tight pants, thin belt and colourful boatneck tee. I hated the shoes, however.

Versace has two dresses:

A great little dress filled colours and a deep open neck. Nothing is sexier, in my opinion, then a deep cleavage no matter what bust-line.

And finally, a Hot dress for a hot Barbie body. A very chic look!

On to Paris, Cherie!!!

Photos: Yannis Vlamos / GoRunway.com