Place des Abbesses Paris at Night

Just wanted to share this photo of the Book Store Journaux at Place des Abbesses in Paris, Montmartre as a homage to Georges the owner, who recently passed away.  He was a very sweet soul and will be missed by all who knew him. We had this really funny routine that would click in every time I entered and left the shop, that went something like this…”Hey Georges, where were you last night?!!! I waited until 3 AM and got tired of waiting in the room and finally left…” and on leaving I would say “Hey Georges, tonight same hotel and the same room as usual? Oh… And you bring the Vaseline this time…” Georges was confined to a wheel chair for most of his life due to a crippling accident. That repetitive joke would always get him to laugh like a kid. Georges was also quite the womanizer a real “bon vivant”. Georges had one of the most complete range of Fashion Magazines available of any Journaux in Paris and was and still is usually packed with Fashion aficionados.

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