What will this Barbie wear? London Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2011

This Barbie is beginning to appreciate London and all it has to offer. Even with an overbooked agenda, I still find time to do my favorite things such as running my hands along the rows of fabric at The Liberty of London store or buying delicious goodies at Fortrum & Mason. Brown’s and Harvey Nichols is never far to pick up some odds and ends to match my virtual wardrobe

Dresses and pantsuits are definitely my thing for this new S/S season. So many to choose from!!! The dresses are girlie-sweet while the pantsuits are tomboyish-sexy. To be sure to please all of me!!! To zip through London’s shopping spree, I am clumping the designers together because this girl has no time to index everything, there is still Milano and Paris for Christ sake.

ACNE: a hip little ensemble for a casual wear. They have been saying it is military but I do not see it at all!! Maybe the jacket but to me it resembles a Safari look more or less.

BASSO & BROOKE: I am torn between these two lovelies. Both seem to have a regal elegance of the ’60’s but with a fresh outlook. Not too young and somewhat old could wear both of these with ease.

BURBERRY PRORSUM:Rocker chic has lunch at The Royal Garden Hotel.

CLEMENTS RIBEIRO: After a 5-year break, this husband and wife team made a very fun collection. It was hard to just pick two outfits because I would have easily worn a handful but I still have a lot of virtual shopping to do. A big fat grin will be on my face all day wearing these cheerful threads!

JONATHAN SAUNDERS: Fresh seems to be the name of the game for this upcoming season, bright elementary paint colors are in. Jonathan’s collection is almost entirely based on this color scheme, a slight return of the ’70’s. Does this mean Disco is just around the corner as well? For such bon-bon colors, his show was a thumbs up for me and I am placing 4 outfits that I will wear! Good job, John!

TODD LYNN: What more can I say besides, “Simple, clean and chic.”

OSMAN: I have never heard of this design house but then again, there is a long list of new designers that I do not know. I found this little black dress to be a nice two piece with a discreet slit on the chest.

Ladies, ladies, my heart just throbbed for the pantsuits! Barbie just loves pants and sexy pantsuits are la creme de la creme. Already with NY and London, I have bought a van full with no intention to stop. Complete new outfits can be made by mixing the pieces. Add a jacket to a dress and voila, another series of outfits and we like seeing our money go a long way, don’t we?

BURBERRY PRORSUM: I like Christopher Bailey’s designs for Burberry and even though the leather pants remind me of Balenciaga’s leather pants, I would still buy a few. Who does not want to feel like a rock-n-roll persona. These tight fitting pants are great if you have the legs!

I have added a great, clean trench coat because it is a good addition to any wardrobe!

CHARLES ANASTASE: Love this! What fantastic shoes with the little baby-doll pant ensemble. An eye-catcher!

DURO OLOWU: Adding one more piece to my African-print purchases.

JAEGER LONDON: Pants made in raw silk with sheer fabric tops makes it pretty.

PAUL SMITH: One guy I would love to work for. He does the female-dandy with such a finesse that it gets me almost every time. But this season there is a ’50’s tomboy theme which gets me going straight into the dressing rooms. I am buying myself these babies!! My faves so far along with Marc Jacob and Vivienne Westwood. Check out Paul’s lovely oxford shoes (we’ll be seeing some Vivienne’s collection as well).

What a great look and does it not look comfy? You could easily wear this to work all day.

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD red label: Three BIG virtual buys.

Having burned my way through the shows, I am ready to fly off to Milano. Caffe Macchiatos , gelatos, and shoes! Ciao, Ciao Bellas!

Photo Credits: © Yannis Vlamos, GoRunway.com