My White Pentax K-x Coming Soon

I never thought I would ever own a white camera. Well those lovely people at Pentax France have decided to send me a Pentax K-x and I decided to get it in white which incidentally matches my iPhone. I should have it in about 5 days from now and when I get it up and running, I will do a review on it… My Way.

Won’t be as technical as what you are used to, but, you know me, I’ve never been a technical junkie. I will look at it from my perspective as a working professional. I am extremely excited about the 16-9 aspect ratio HD video mode which I plan on using to catalogue my photo shoots. From everything I have seen and heard, the image quality is more than good enough for shooting double page spreads for magazine layouts, which for me is  a very important factor.  Oh…and not having to up size (interpolate) is a major plus for me.

Well until then, stay tuned…In the meantime, have a look at those incredibly cool, eye popping colors. What a refreshing change and So Psychedelic…Peace and Check out this Review  as well Ben.

UPDATE: Just got the camera yesterday and am just getting acclimatized to using it.  Love the high iso rendition and the video quality.  Will post my review when I am ready…

PS…one more thing and it is purely cosmetic.  The photo does not do this gorgeous camera justice.  In reality, it is more pf a matte off white, which I much prefer and it is a lot smaller than I imagined.

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9 thoughts on “My White Pentax K-x Coming Soon

  1. Hermawan Guntoro says:

    they sent it for you for free Ben?. Ah..its about time! they should already sent it long time ago.

  2. I wish my K-7 could come in stormtrooper white as well! I love the video, I wasn’t a fan of video on DSLR at first, but now I’m sold. Looking forward to what you come up with!

  3. At first I was a little bit confused by the idea of having cameras in so many colors. But upon further reflection… if it sells more Pentax cameras then GREAT! More money for new camera development and lens development! Can’t see myself buying one anytime soon though. But do look forward to reading your review. Did just get my K-7 though and excited to use the video features and see how the camera compares with the K20D. Also was inspired by your recent shoot posted online and picked up the 40mm Limited at a really good price.

  4. @:

    Me too! :-)))

  5. maybe when the 645D comes out you’ll get one of those too..

  6. can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  7. @:

    If I could I would, but I won’t… 🙂

  8. Gerardo "Sam" Wuhl says:

    Hey Ben, I´m jealous… you are getting another beautiful camera.
    But, now that I think about it, 3 cameras is a little bit too much… perhaps you want to give one of your k7´s away! Do you remember your south american friend? (Wink)

    Have a lot of fun with your new toy!!! I´m lookin forward to see your works with it.

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