The Benjamin Kanarek Blog Fashion Photo Contest No.1

The BK Blog Fashion Photo Contest

The winner will get a “1” (One) Hour Phone Call Tutorial with Benjamin Kanarek to discuss anything relating to Fashion-Beauty Photography.

Tetyana Brazhnyk Outlandish © Benjamin Kanarek

There will be “2” Grand Prizes:

One for Fashion and another for Beauty

I will be available to discuss anything that the winner wishes to talk about related to the above topics i.e. Fashion and Beauty Photography and related subjects, i.e. the “Biz” etc. and I will also add to that my own impressions, if the winner has not broached a topic that may be of importance to Him/Her, I may suggest that we turn the conversation in that direction.

  • The 5 Runners Up of each category will be featured on the blog.
  • The winners images will get a full post and an interview/article with or about them on to the blog… “Ah that 15 minutes of Fame thing!”

The winners will be announced when we have at least 100 submissions per category or by May 1st 2010.

Here are the rules:
You may send “1” image only per category. i.e. One Fashion and One Beauty shot.
(NO Glamour shots, family photos, self portraits, dogs, cats or flower photos, etc… If you don’t know the difference just pick up some Fashion Magazines and look at the Fashion and Beauty Sections to get what I am getting at…)
Each Image Cannot be any larger than: 1200 Pixels high for Vertical Format or 1200 Pixels Wide for Horizontal Format and less than 1 (One) Mega
Please include credits for: Model, Hair, Make-Up, Stylist etc… If Applicable and be sure to include your contact info.
All images must be sent to:

The Winners will be decided by our Fashion-Beauty Director Frédérique Renaut and yours truly.

Due to the time differences, the winner and I will determined the most convenient time to have our “1” Hour conversation and once determines, I will call on my dime. If the users have Skype or iChat, that would be a lot more convenient. I will give the winner my Skype name and visa versa and take it from there.

So, Pass it Around.  Competition is fun only when there is Competition.

About Benjamin Kanarek
Fashion and Beauty Photographer. Some of the magazines I have shot for include: VOGUE (China, Portugal, Brazil, Italia, Paris and South America & Mexico editions), RG VOGUE Brazil, Harper’s BAZAAR (China, en Español & Latin America, Hong Kong, Italy editions), L’Officiel Paris, ELLE (Spain, Portugal and Greece editions), Madame Figaro (France), Cosmopolitan (France and Italy editions), Glamour (France), Votre Beauté, Jardin des Modes, Dépêche Mode, New York Daily News, Fashion District News, New York Times Magazine, W (British edition), WWD, Fashion Magazine (Canada), Flare (Canada), Oyster, Tank, WestEast…