Killing Creativity Before it is Birthed

Alien Intervention © Benjamin Kanarek

This question was asked on a forum I frequent and I felt compelled to reply with the following response. But first the question…

“I’m looking for ideas or concepts such as ‘Trash the Dress’, or ‘his shirt your way’. What other great ideas are there that You know about? This could keep people busy!..”

I will keep this brief. Asking others to give you ideas will only diminish the credibility of your expression and invalidate your own idea. You are giving up on yourself before you have actually begun the process of being creative by doing so. Throw out every preconceived notion you have ever had and let yourself flow. Write anything down that comes to mind, don’t be afraid of yourself and your idea’s. We are often our worst enemies. Most people stymie themselves by criticizing their idea’s before they can be fully realized.

Write EVERYTHING down that comes to mind, even if it has nothing to do with a photo shoot, a painting, a design or anything that requires creative solutions. It does not matter. Keep doing so to eventually unlock your true potential. Eventually ideas will begin flowing unencumbered. Just DON’T pre-judge yourself… PERIOD.

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