The importance of Networking in the Fashion Photography Business

In this constantly evolving fashion industry and fashion photography business like so many out there, things change so rapidly that if you are not on the train, you won’t get on the train unless you have to literally stop it in its’ tracks.

Making Your Own Market in Fashion, Photography and the Arts in General

It is becoming more apparent to me the longer I breath, that everyone is generally waiting for someone to make that call that will change their lives forever or at least for today

Networking, a part of the Route to Success

There is a point in a photographers growth where their capacity to produce outstanding imagery becomes irrelevant – Networking is a very important part of the route to success

New Media

Exiting and fast moving “Social Media Network for Fashion, Style and Creativity”¬†Glossom has highlighted¬†my latest story for VanityTeen starring Cole Mohr. Just another example of how fast and profound the changes are right now in “New Media” when there are more and more ways for independent “publishers / producers” to get their work out there […]

Some Thoughts about the Fashion Industry and Photography for New Be’s

I just wanted to share some thoughts with you regarding getting in to the Fashion Business with the hope that you garner some sense of perspective regarding this subject.