Exiting and fast moving “Social Media Network for Fashion, Style and Creativity” Glossom has highlighted my latest story for VanityTeen starring Cole Mohr.
Just another example of how fast and profound the changes are right now in “New Media” when there are more and more ways for independent “publishers / producers” to get their work out there to a worldwide audience.
There is of course Issuu which is, apart from being available on any computer in the world, just went mobile and is already available on any Android device, and soon on your iPhone
If You believe all the rumors and leaks, Apple is supposedly presenting their much anticipated reading Tablet now on Wednesday (basically a Kindle, but designed by Apple, so the rumors go) which might, or might not revolutionize the book / magazine industry some say.
Much of this is of course technology driven but I believe there is something else at play as well…
We now have the technological means to expand our network worldwide and most important engage in a conversation with our extended network, and as a result some organizations / companies have understood the power of this and use it to it’s full potential, others exist a direct result of this…
Wikipedia, Linux are directly born out of the (at the beginning) nerdy “sharing and collaborating” net-culture but is now completely mainstream.
But back to that elusive, “non-technical” something else…
I have a hunch that in the wake of the definite fall of those utopian, collectivistic, anti-individualistic experiments, in combination with this enabeling technology people are generally much more willing to see, and assert themselves as individuals.

… and here is yet  another example of a “self-publishing” platform : “the Chook” eBooks. Here are my pages among a impressive collection of notable photographic talent such as Miles Aldrige, Nadav Kander, Tim Walker, Elizabeth Toll, Paolo Roversi, Bela Bordosi, Paul Empson, Nick Knight…
Seems like the older models, (LeBook etc…) where You pay to promote Yourself will get a run for their money,
Of course there is another aspect to the older publications which are the actual meets where art-buyers gets invited to participate in portfolio reviews…

as always, more here at 10horses

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