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High Tech

I have a Fuji disposable cardboard and plastic camera, but with built in flash.  It comes with 27 exposures.  I am at exposure 9, so it should be good for a couple of more years.

I love the solid feel of it. It has a wonderful 3 element f11.0 plastic non-coated lens, manual rotary film advance and get this…a on/off flash switch where YOU are in control of whether you want flash or not and lets not forget that lovely huge FUJI LOGO on a green shiny sunburst cardboard background. I really love the way the shiny black plastic  acts as a visual frame for the magnificent graphics of the package.  What really is disappointing though is the fact that once all of the film is shot, you have to take it to a store and they break it open like a chestnut.  I mean, paying €2,59 and having to destroy this beauty is scandalous at best.

It would be like going out and buying a €1500 digital camera and having to get rid of it in 2 years….Hey wait a second…There is NO difference!  They are both disposable!!!

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