Brazilian Beauty by Fashion-Beauty Photographer Jeffery Williams

Nivea by Jeffery Williams

In Florida, summer time tends to be all about sun dresses, shorts, bathing suits and flip-flops. But Fashion-Beauty Photographer Jeffery Williams proves that relaxed look can also rhymes with sophistication.
Jeffery Williams photographed Brazilian Model, Nivea Zacarkim with brimmed sun hats, getting ready for a an elegant spring season.
The Beauty Direction is about highlighting the model abundant natural beauty with an understated make up, allowing her natural freckles, coral and nude glossy lips to emphasize the summer feel.

Nivea by Jeffery Williams
Nivea by Jeffery Williams
Nivea by Jeffery Williams

Team Credits
Photographer: Jeffery Williams Photography
Hair & Make up: Jenny Cabrera
Model: Nivea Zacarkim
Retouching: Ashish Arora

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