A short story about a photographer… By Gerardo Jacques Wuhl

As I always say, I was born with a camera under my arm (maybe you know the Latin expression “he was born with bread under his arm”). My dad is a photographer, and like any son in the world, I admire his work. My first steps with photography were with a P&S Canon camera, but I always wanted to play with the big boys toys, the SLR´s. I learned  the basics in lighting, aperture, speed, ISO (in the past we called it ASA), and something about the printing of photos… I love  the moment of the shooting. The tension of having it all in the right place, the feeling when you press the shutter. I love how I could capture something or someone on a piece of film, and then print it and keep it for the ages to come… Film photography is beautiful, as digital is. I learned with Canon, Hasselblad, Contax (my first personally owned camera). It was something incredible, because you know that you couldn´t take gazillions of pics like today. Film was expensive, and you only had 36 to 39 pics in the camera each time as a maximum. At that time you planned the photo, so much more than you do now. Maybe that´s why I keep doing that with digital photography. I don´t take 1000 pics a day with my camera, even when I know I could. I love the art of thinking about the photo before taking it, and that´s why I´m here writing. I’m trying to spread the word… I am always in the process of learning and I think I found some people who are helping me… sometimes with advice, sometimes just with  photos that inspire me. I´m not a professional photographer (maybe in the future), but I´m glad I know some of them, and I try to learn from them. I agree with Benjamin Kanarek on one basic thing:  it´s not the brand of the camera, it is the photographer and the love he puts in to the photo. I love photography and I hope I can transmit that in to my work. I own a digital SLR, and I try to do my best… Keep doing what you´re doing, pretend I´m not here… Click!

Thanks to Gerardo for his contribution to this Benjamin Kanarek blog.

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