The best of the best in 2009

It’s fun to make “best-of” lists and top 10 items and even though I already made one on my blog earlier, here I go again…
Tina Baltzer and Liliana Dominguez © Per Zennstrom
Most beautiful project 2009:

Hands down, it has to be the amazing technological and artistic collaboration (again) of Nick Knight’s Show Studio and couturier Alexander McQueen. Broadcasting the show live over the internet it not only a huge technical achievement, it also democratizes the fashion system a bit… Not to speak of the otherworldly, morbid beauty, that we have come to expect of McQueen.

Most inspiring 2009:

It has to be TED and their amazing stories, among them I have selected the story of, 14 year old William Kamkwamba, who decided to build a windmill to get electricity to his familys home in rural Malawi. He simply went to the library, read up on the rudimentary workings on a electric generator, decided to improve on the design and then built the windmill with salvaged scrap parts, providing electricity for his family’s home. The power of human curiosity, willingness to learn, triumph of reason and dispersion of information. This story resonates with everything that is good about humanity and our inherent power to overcome obstacles. Watch and learn !!!

Most useful 2009:

For me it’s self-publishing site where You can upload and publish Your pdf documents, for free !!! A piece of shameless self promotion here… My newly started magazine 11horses, on issuu here…

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