My Carrot Buckwheat Blini or Potato Latke Recipe

Ok…here goes.

-5 large carrots or 2 very large potatoes if you want Latkes

-one large egg,

-1 large onion or 3 large shallots,

-buckwheat flour,

-sodium bicarbonate,

-salt & pepper,

-olive, corn or sunflower seed oil and water.

In your food blender, finely grate the 5 carrots (or 2 very large potatoes if you want latkes) and place in a large bowl. If you have a magic bullet or something similar, liquify the large onion or 3 large shallots. Add the liquid to the bowl. Add two tablespoons of your oil of choice to the bowl. Crack open the egg and add to the bowl add a heaping teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate add a half teaspoon of salt and pepper to the mixture. Now start adding the buckwheat flour (Sarrasin in French) to the bowl so as to thicken the mixture so it isn’t too liquidy. Use your hands to do so, you can feel better the consistency of the dough.

You may now do two means of frying or baking the blinis. You may use a frying pan or griddle well-greased or if you have a microwave that includes a real oven, you can use the special plate as well. That will have to be greased as well. Now use a large tablespoon to scoop up the mixture and add to the frying pan or microwave Teflon type platter. Use medium-high heat on the frying pan. If using the microwave you must use the real oven part. You may also use a real oven preheated to 200° Celcius. Make sure you flip them in the pan until brown and crispy. Mine took 10 minutes in the mixed microwave. I made 7 very large blinis from the above mixture. Once served you may eat them as is or add fresh cream, sweet or salty i.e. brown sugar or salt, apple sauce, or a mix of both or whatever else you like to taste with it. Consider these, carrot buckwheat pancakes or blinis. And Voila! 🙂

PS: If you like, instead of 5 large carrots you may use 2 very large potatoes. Those are traditional potato latkes.

Carrot Buckwheat Blinis

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