Video Interview with James Bond “Skyfall” Girl Bérénice Marlohe for Harper’s BAZAAR by Benjamin Kanarek and Frédérique Renaut

Bérénice Marlohe for Harper’s BAZAAR © Benjamin Kanarek

The first thing that struck me on entering the room was not the face, but the voice. I can only describe the timbre as a rich low lush sound with a very calming roundness. If she were a singer she would be an alto with an exceptionally wide vocal range. As I entered the suite I saw the face behind the voice and the two elements melded together like that of a keystone that fits in to the top of a classically elegant arch. There is a confidence in her tone and demeanor that is intensified when seeing the physical beauty behind it. In greeting me she put out her hand gracefully and gave me a full and warm welcoming smile.

She is Bérénice Lim Marlohe. Bérénice was born in Paris, France of mixed ancestry, daughter to a French mother and a Cambodian-Chinese father. Her mother is a teacher and her father a doctor. She originally held aspirations of becoming a concert pianist, as well as an artist, studying at the prestigious French Arts School Conservatoire de Paris for ten years.

Interview with Skyfall James Bond Girl… par benjaminkanarekblog

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Daniel Craig, Berenice Marlohe at the “Skyfall” Royal Opening in London

Bérénice has an incredibly witty sense of humor. She is also extremely bright and can spar with the creme de la creme of the intellectual community. Who knows, perhaps she might get a Guest Starring role in “The Big Bang Theory”. Bérénice is known to be a strong believer in fate and telepathy. During the interview, she claimed to have dreamt of acting alongside Javier Bardem six months before the Bond audition. After the dream, she knew that everything would be fine and felt a sense of peacefulness and calm. It was not until the second audition for Skyfall that someone actually mentioned to her that Javier might also be cast. Of course we now know that the both of them were cast in Skyfall with Daniel Craig as the illustrious James Bond. So all in all, it came together for her  like a classic Fairy Tale with a Happy Ending. As to our impression of the film? It is unequivocally the Best Bond Film ever and deserves to be nominated for several academy awards. So, go and see it! it is Absolutely “Bondelicious!”

We finally sat down with Bérénice Marlohe after a wonderful long day of shooting for Harper’s BAZAAR at the Palace Hotel de Crillon for a little tete a tete. We hope you enjoy this vignette as much as we did. Frédérique and I really enjoyed making this video and it was a “wonderful way to cap off a day”. Hey, that rhymes!

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Bérénice Marlohe for Harper’s BAZAAR © Benjamin Kanarek

Bérénice Marlohe for Harper’s BAZAAR © Benjamin Kanarek

Bérénice Marlohe for Harper’s BAZAAR © Benjamin Kanarek

The Team

Actress: Bérénice Lim Marlohe

Photography by Benjamin Kanarek

Creative Directors, Benjamin Kanarek & Frédérique Renaut

Video Direction, Frédérique Renaut

Styling by Sohei Yoshida

Make-Up by Angélik Iffennecker at Marie-France Thavonekham

Hair by Patrice Delaroche, at Labelagence

Photo Assistant: Benoît Tremblay

Stylist Assistants: Haruka SuzukiEric Waroll, 

Digital Retouching: Sebastian Reuter 


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Hôtel de Crillon, Paris

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