What will this Barbie wear? Paris Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2011 Part 3

… Continued from Part 2

Oooh la la, Barbie is spending in Paris

Casual has its place just as being professionally chic. Most of us gals work and want great pieces in our wardrobe that do not make us look too manly. Feeling feminine is important because we are just that, women!!

Here are three mixed pieces that may be interchanged:

Great leather skirt and puritan blouse from Céline. A mini dress from Martin Margiela that could be lengthened into a dress or shortened into a blouse. Ladies, check out the Martin’s shoes because they would work infamously with the Céline outfit and vice versa. Finally, an interesting trench coat to be worn with either outfits by Dries Van Noten.


Martin Margiela

Dries Van Noten

Evening wear will end this day’s shopping with some funky disco dancing dresses by Louis Vuitton in gem tones which I find beautiful, especially the deep v-neck dress with the endless side slit. The sequenced wide sash belt just as a more disco-ing down feel. Donna Summer’s would have easily worn one of these babies!

Louis Vuitton

If this is not your taste, I discovered these other little gems…  An Elie Saab sweet cocktail dress or the Grecian dress by Issey Miyake. Very different but none the less eye catching. I bought them both.

Elie Saab

Issey Miyake

My shoes are beginning to pinch! One more day to finish up here in the city of love. Gosh, I would love a chocolat chaud from Angeline’s in celebration of my new clothing. A demain…