What will this Barbie wear? Paris Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2011 – Part # 2

Fun prints is what Barbie is Buying with these Get Ups

Graphic prints may be hard to wear unless you are built like an asparagus but for the majority of us, it is a selective dance between body and the print.

The forgotten Cacharel has this easy relaxed dress for the summer. Colorful and bright without being too obnoxious to feel everyone is staring at you and wondering what the Hell you were thinking that morning.

The same may go with these two Miu Miu outfits but I still like them. The Swedish Amish girl who loves quilts meets the her Spanish Matador boyfriend. Whatever!!

Marc Jacobs seems to be my man for this season. Even at the Louis Vuitton show I find a few gems. This one is the beautiful printed silk dress with a great detailed neckline.

Jean Paul Gaultier was definitely thinking matador with his Hermes collection and I only chose one ensemble. It is chic for the professional women who wants to put something together that is a no brainer. Anyone with no sense of style can make this work! Classic of the classic…..

Barbie loves, loves, loves these next looks. All center around the pant. Who does not love to wear slacks?  So easy to move. So comfy. From chic casual to fun casual, everything to please.

I am glad to see Phoebe back in the fashion scene holding fond memories of when she was at Chloé. Now she is with Céline and she gets it. So Céline, you would think it is still Michael Kors who is designing it. I chose these two to show but I bought virtually several more pieces.

Now for the fun and casual…..

Dries Van Noten with his baggy and comfy look. If you are lanky, this will look divine on you! If you are short and squatty, forget it!!

Isabel Marant has put a great little sweater with a pair of-pants that look like the athletic pants of the 1930’s where they still wore leather helmets and very little padding.

Pants off to Jean Paul Gaultier with his excellent suits. The jackets are to die for with the perfect detail of the right angle shoulder. Leather, blue jean or satin/taffeta, they are all yummy! Bought and worn right off the rack with this Barbie!!!

Ciao et à Bientôt Baby. More to Come…