Is Advertising the new Editorial ?

by Per Zennström

I have been very fortunate to be able to work with an advertising agency such as and their client Görtz17. For some time now we have been doing some pretty cool shootings that I (hands down) consider some of my best, see above…
When I started out as a photographer the common wisdom was that the editorial work was the “creative and fun stuff” and later on You got your “payday” by doing advertising, (based on your previous editorial portfolio). The underlying, but not spoken, thought was that everything creative was done editorially and you simply just cashed in by doing advertising.
I beg to differ…
For a long time now I consider advertising the creative, daring and progressive channel / medium to work in. Being an advertising photographer is really cool ! The images You do are really “out there” especially compared to your run of the mill fashion-magazine. Advertising is now obsessed with politics, green issues, gender issues etc.
I will stick my neck out and proclaim that advertising is progressive and inherently good, since it’s forced to deal with and react to “everyday people” and their choices in life, politics, economics…
We are shaping the advertising, not the other way around….
They are forced by the pressure of the market to listen to the us, and the choices we make as free individuals.
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