Camera Love a Romantic Tragicomedy

Camera Love

“Camera Love”… A Romantic Tragicomedy by William Shakespeare

She was the perfect girl for me. Everything about her made me know that this was it. It was a match made in heaven. When we made love, it was akin to experiencing the eruption of Mount Fuji or Experiencing a 21 Canon Salute. I would imagine that I was a Greek God living on Mount Olympus with her by my side. She was my sunshine and all day long I would sing SONY your so true, I love you…”

It was absolute perfection until that fateful day when her parents said “It  cannot be! You are a Nikon and he is a Canon…You Can Never See HIM again!”. I was devastated. I needed a means of expressing myself and decided to sit down a try to write a poem that could aid in my dealing with this emotional burden. I sat down and attempted with all of the energy I could muster to write the poem, but the using of the Pen taxed all of my physical and emotional strength and as a result, I could not write a thing.  I was exhausted by  remorse. I was spent and could Not Imagine a more Kind, Outstanding & Nice person that could ever fill the void.

Here is the story…the”Ozcar” nominated film “Camera Love” (prepare a large box of  Kleenex tissues)

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