What Kind of Fashion Photographer are You?

That is a difficult question to answer. I am not your classic photographer. By that I mean, I never intended to be a photographer. It just kind of happened by accident. It was literally an accident. Never studied, never assisted, never took it seriously until I took it seriously. When I bought my camera after my accident, I looked at the camera, jumped into the role and said “I am now a photographer”. Sound strange? Perhaps. But that is how it happened. I was a new babe in this profession and didn’t take to it like most do. As a result, I created images that were somewhat unique. I didn’t have any classic training and as a result made some very exciting mistakes.

As some of you may know, my second shoot as a“Pro” was published. I was the first photographer in Canada to shoot a cover with Kim Alexis for “Chatelaine” magazine and once did a re-shoot for Bert Stern.

As I got more confident so did my ego. I became invincible (So I thought) and projected myself thus. I started to burn all of the bridges I constructed and self destructed. Better to leave than to be left I guess. More to do with childhood pain than anything else.

As to your question. I only shoot when I am being published. Yes I did test in Milan when I had no money to feed my face. I would say that I’m batting about 8.5 out of 10 shoots that are published. Perhaps the ratio is higher. I guess I have about 2500 tear sheets or more out of at least 25 magazines and “Have Been” quite wealthy as a result. I PISSED all of that away thinking it was a never ending source of income… WWWWRRROOONNNGGGG.

At one point in my career it was coming in so quickly that I didn’t have time to spend what I was making.

Flamenco © Benjamin Kanarek
About Benjamin Kanarek
Fashion and Beauty Photographer. Some of the magazines I have shot for include: VOGUE (China, Portugal, Brazil, Italia, Paris and South America & Mexico editions), RG VOGUE Brazil, Harper’s BAZAAR (China, en Español & Latin America, Hong Kong, Italy editions), L’Officiel Paris, ELLE (Spain, Portugal and Greece editions), Madame Figaro (France), Cosmopolitan (France and Italy editions), Glamour (France), Votre Beauté, Jardin des Modes, Dépêche Mode, New York Daily News, Fashion District News, New York Times Magazine, W (British edition), WWD, Fashion Magazine (Canada), Flare (Canada), Oyster, Tank, WestEast…