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We have become accustomed to size 0 models but plus sized women are getting more and more in demand by Fashion Magazines

One of My First VOGUE Covers

From “1985”… For VOGUE SA. Oh yeah..real film and not manipulated in Photoshop…Obviously, there was no Photoshop in 1985. Used Fujichrome 100 iso slide film and other neat stuff.  Using color gelatins, mixed light sources and cool light modifiers can help when you know that what you shoot is what you get.   Vogue Latin […]

Fashion Magazines…a short list

This is a short list of fashion magazines. Name Country Year Websites AneCan Japan 2007 Anokhi India 2009 Burda Fashion Germany 1950 CanCam Japan 1981 Classy Japan 1984 Complex United States 2002 Cosmode Japan c. 2002 Dazed & Confused United Kingdom 1992 The Delineator (defunct) United States 1873 Egg Japan Elle […]