Die Antwoord… A Different Twist

I’ve never been a big RAP person, more in to Alternative Rock, Rock, Pop-Rock and R&B.

But Die Antwoord (which means The Answer) from South Africa are really Special. They can Rap at 50,000,000 Miles Per Hour and have some really interesting melodic content blended in to the Mix. Their lyrical content is controversial and worth listening to. It says a lot about the human condition in a sector of South AfriKan culture that is  an in your face stark revelation. It also gives one a behind the scene’s look at South AfriKa’s financially underprivileged white minority. Yo-Landi the female in the group is quirky, strange and sexy. I want to call their style of music “Punk wRap”. Why not, it’s like a Punk backlash and Rap wrapped in to a hybridized melting pot. Die Antwoord will be touring in Europe and North America later this year. Could be a real cultural eye opener for all of you Rap Aficionado’s. Have a listen…“Enter the Ninja”

Here is a recent interview with Die Antwoord, just after their first concert:

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