Dr.Edgar Mitchell Apollo Astronaut UFO Disclosure

This may be considered way off topic, but is of such great significance that I felt compelled to share this interview and intermingled video footage from the Space Shuttle and Apollo missions, that will at the very least have you ponder the possibilities.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell earned his doctorates from several Universities and was one of the astronauts to have walked on the moon. He claims that the UFO presence is here and has been visiting this planet for perhaps thousands of years and that contact has been made. He believes that there has been a government cover up since the early 50’s and that this information has been withheld from the public at large. He is also the founder of  IONS Institute of Noetic Sciences which is

located in Northern California that conducts and sponsors leading-edge research into the potentials and powers of consciousness—including perceptions, beliefs, attention, intention, and intuition. The Institute maintains a commitment to scientific rigour while exploring phenomena that have been largely overlooked by mainstream science.

This may sound like X-Files stuff, but when you hear it from a man of such high esteem, it makes one sit up and take note.

None the less here are a couple of videos that you may find illuminating and hopefully thought provoking. I most certainly was taken aback by his revelations.

    1. Mr. Tukker:
      Please see the UFO “air war” over Nuremburg Germany in 1561.
      If that fails to penetrate your denial see the rematch over Bern Switzlerland in 1565.
      You may then apologize and listen to those further along than yourself.

  1. We are a strange species. 
    Many of us have no problem believing in God; an omnipotent, invisible spirit-being who created the universe and all that is in it, in just six days. But when we are faced with the possibility that we may not be alone in that universe, or that we may be under direct surveillance from the same, we lose our ability to logic, to reason and fall back on a senseless, pointless bed of denials.
    We are already a space-faring race ourselves. The concept of there being life ‘out there’ should come naturally now… and understanding that we are nowhere near the sharpest knives in the drawer, also understand that we don’t know enough to rule anything out.
    But we are quite the spectators and enjoy mocking others to give ourselves a pat on the back. We imagine ourselves as being worthy to hold complete strangers in contempt. Instead of a race of discoverers and inventors, we are mostly just ignorantly arrogant.
    And then there is the unspoken factor of a subconscious fear of the unknown. There is comfort to be found in being alone in the universe. There is safety in ridiculing those who would have us consider the possibility that a race far more advanced than we, are here looking us over. To admit this would generate recollections of what happened to the Aztecs and native North American peoples when a technically superior civilization came to call.
    Here in the bosom of denial, there is warmth and security. 

    1.   …how many star systems would there be … a lot – according to stephen hawking –
      But there are other things – how many mysteries are there around this – One mystery
      would be – where are they – the second would be – if they were actually here – both
      profound facts. The cosmos itself is profound – the awesomeness and many mysteries
      of its origins and evolution….”they” may be related to many of those mysteries and the
      future of that evolution ???

  2. So if this is the case, why can’t the visitors help us to have a more utopian world and throw in eternal life just for good measure. If all the cosmic gobble-dee-goop has to do with evolved natural brute survival and domination by intelligence, please shut up and find a dirt pile to play in. I want eternal longevity with delightful and pleasureable experiences forever. Simple science experiments are so dead end.

    1. What makes you think the visitors can or can’t help with eternal longevity?  What makes you think they should?  Why should they be interested in you/us at all?  Maybe they have their own agenda and humans are a mere nuisance. While the government has been doing a great job with the cover-up over the years, the aliens have been doing an even better job of it over centuries.

  3. Hi there – I respect Pilots – my dad was one – i feel an affinity with Dr Mitchell – i feel he is trying to say something Far more momentous – but – there is a secrecy to this – if anyone knows it is him…..on apollo 14 there is dialogue of him with alan shepherd in which they clearly say ” we’ve had visitors again”… ie evidence on the mission itself – it was rumoured they had found something like a beacon in one of the craters…..please tell us more.

  4. Not complete nonsense. I believe Dr Mitchell to be a man of the highest integrity and honesty. However, this video is rife with false and/or misleading information in terms of the video segments presented. For example, the sequence showing a supposed ufo crash in 1997 was created for a television program, as I understand it. Mingling credible and bogus information to create misinformation is a common defense/intelligence tactic, though with so many highly credulous and uncritical believers generating internet content, national security types don’t have to work very hard, most of their work is done for them.

  5. People get scared of the unknown don’t they? But you are not alone in the cosmos. Its teaming with life just like Earth is. I know because I met an Alien Grey and Dr Edgar Mitchell is telling you the truth.

  6. The arrogance and plain stupidity of thinking man is the sole inteligent species in the universe, or even the neighborhood, defies belief.
    Without question the dumbest argument and stance in the history of humanity. 
    Of course they are there- look at the facts and the ET/UFO presence prior to the invention of flight.
    What on earth do you think “angels” are?
    Our government lies and has been covering up the presence of higher civilization for one reason alone: Our governors know they will lose their jobs.

    1. I agree with ya, Charles.  I think we should expand the definition of “our government” here, though.  “Our government” is a facade for something larger and mostly undiscussed heretofor within our society. 
      We should start with that discussion when it comes to cover ups.

  7. quite right….you see…im from another dimension…human…in fact, im the ‘gman’ in the video game half life 2.
    it sounds crazy doesnt it? that you generate reality in your mind?
    I cannot say how and why I allowed dthe interdimensional entity known as obelisktron to post on this page…but here it is:
    lets just say…a little gift from the benefactors in exchange for off world departure.

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