The Bleep on the Radar and The Chickens have come Home to Roost

Bleep in the Radar

I have come to this conclusion…for now at least!  An explosion happens somewhere in the world. Someone who really cares for the good of the human race or animal rights is assassinated? We raise our voices momentarily, make some waves. Slowly we get back to where we were before that bleep in the radar occurred. Nobody really gives a shit until it strikes really close to home and even then nobody really cares because it only does when it strikes very close to home and when it does…etc. etc. etc. Wake up folks, this is where we are at this juncture in time in history and this endemic state will continue to be until we understand that we are all interlinked. A bleep on the radar affects all of us regardless of our standing in society. From those who really hold the reigns of power to those under their yoke, what goes around will eventually come around and slap us in the face. That is indeed very sad. As can be witnessed in todays events in Belgium and in Paris in November of last year and so many other horrible events that have reverberated around the world in recent times.


The chickens have come home to roost. The terrorist attacks that happened today in Brussels is a rude wake up call telling us that the problems over there wherever there is is, will eventually reverberate back to us wherever we are. Like the matrix, we are all intertwined. So if we really want things to become normalised, we better start backing those who really do care about our best ethical and moral interests.  You will know in your heart of hearts who that person is. Because who that person is is YOU…You just forgot that YOU have the knowledge and wisdom within you. You were just told that you needed to look elsewhere for the answers. So, if you want things to improve in this world that we all inhabit, together… take one slow and thoughtful step at a time and work on bettering who you are and it will eventually project outwards and have the kind of affect that you and eventual the “We” probably wanted in the first place.

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