“The Interview” Hollywood Grow Up and Grow A Pair


"The Interview" Hollywood Grow Up ad Grow a Pair

“The Interview” Hollywood Grow Up ad Grow a Pair

A Very Short BK Rant…

To say I am aghast would be the understatement of the month. To say the shit has hit the proverbial fan and we have hit the bottom of the barrel would also be putting things mildly. When the bottom line becomes more important than our freedom of expression and the right to speak ones mind, than it is time to revisit and re-examine the Constitutions of USA, Europe and most of the other Democratic countries around our globe and ask, what has happened to our moral centre. The bullies of the world have us by the proverbial royal kahunas. It is less to do with North Korea or Sony Pictures, than the fact that ones freedom of expression can be coerced by a bullying nation, state or group of induviduals. That is grave.

"The Interview"

“The Interview”


How is this even possible, you might ask? I think it is because what counts most in our Greedy, Me for Me society is the bottom line. That overwhelming corporate pressure for the bottom line mentality has finally conquered most of our concept of ethics and morality and left us totally barren and incapable of responding to these underhanded forms of blackmail. We have lost our centre, our base our frame of moral and ethical orientation. It is so out of control that we haven’t even the vocabulary or frame of reference to deal with our Social morass. It is time to push the reset button and attempt to redefine why we are here and what it is we can do to improve and ameliorate our present conundrum we are in. Because that is the state we are in. So Hollywood, grow a pair and do the right thing. Let what has been expressed, be expressed. The truth can often be painful,  But truth also heals…

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