Nina Hutulla in “L’été s’enflamme” from Benjamin Kanarek’s Archives – L’Officiel Paris 1989


The incredibly tall model, Nina Hutulla was photographed by Benjamin Kanarek for L’Officiel Paris, an archive from 1989. A very chic, elegant and warm fashion editorial with colorful and highly accentuated treatment using a real tilt shift lens using a 4″x5″ Sinar camera and cross processed for E6 to C41 (slide to negative) effect.

Everything was done in camera and with lighting and filters to get the skin as clean as possible, as photoshop didn’t yet exist and all retouching was done with a brush and paint if deemed necessary or to clean up skin where needed.

Nina-Hutulla-benjamin-kanarek-archives-l-officiel-paris-1989-2 Nina-Hutulla-benjamin-kanarek-archives-l-officiel-paris-1989-3 Nina-Hutulla-benjamin-kanarek-archives-l-officiel-paris-1989-4 Nina-Hutulla-benjamin-kanarek-archives-l-officiel-paris-1989-5 Nina-Hutulla-benjamin-kanarek-archives-l-officiel-paris-1989-6


The Team 

Photography by Benjamin Kanarek

Styling by Anne de Vertamy

Make Up by Hinda Herc

Hair by Cyril

About Frederique Renaut
Born in Paris, France, Fashion & Beauty Director for Frédérique Renaut wears 2 hats: 1/ Consultant in Communication for the Luxury Industry specialized in International Communication, Media & Advertising, 2/ Creative Direction, Video Direction for Fashion and Beauty shoots for publications like VOGUE & Harper's BAZAAR. She has also worked as an International Executive Manager for major cosmetics brands (Jean-Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake and Narciso Rodriguez fragrances) and Couture Houses (Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Féraud & Givenchy by Alexander McQueen).