Fake Friends, Fans, Fashion and Fame a Short Rant


Friends & Fans

As I look back over my 25+ years of being in the Fashion Biz, one of the things I have noticed (and this is not exclusive to Fashion) that this formula applies.

Fashion + Fame + Fans = Fake Friends

and the inverse applies as well

Fashion Fame = “0” Fans and Fake Friends

So to those of you on the rise noticing that you seem to have a lot more “Friends and Fans” than when things weren’t going so great, best to go back to your roots and do a serious assessment of your reality. Oh and as one Fashion Stylist who’s name will remain anonymous once said to us (just after attempting to destroy the reputation of an Artist so dear to us and not knowing how close we knew him, “Loyalty, Loyalty? What Loyalty, there is none in this business. It is Dog Eat Dog…Kill or Be Killed!” 

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