Fake Friends, Fans, Fashion and Fame a Short Rant


Friends & Fans

As I look back over my 25+ years of being in the Fashion Biz, one of the things I have noticed (and this is not exclusive to Fashion) that this formula applies.

Fashion + Fame + Fans = Fake Friends

and the inverse applies as well

Fashion Fame = “0” Fans and Fake Friends

So to those of you on the rise noticing that you seem to have a lot more “Friends and Fans” than when things weren’t going so great, best to go back to your roots and do a serious assessment of your reality. Oh and as one Fashion Stylist who’s name will remain anonymous once said to us (just after attempting to destroy the reputation of an Artist so dear to us and not knowing how close we knew him, “Loyalty, Loyalty? What Loyalty, there is none in this business. It is Dog Eat Dog…Kill or Be Killed!” 

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About Benjamin Kanarek
Fashion and Beauty Photographer. Some of the magazines I have shot for include: VOGUE (China, Portugal, Brazil, Italia, Paris and South America & Mexico editions), RG VOGUE Brazil, Harper’s BAZAAR (China, en Español & Latin America, Hong Kong, Italy editions), L’Officiel Paris, ELLE (Spain, Portugal and Greece editions), Madame Figaro (France), Cosmopolitan (France and Italy editions), Glamour (France), Votre Beauté, Jardin des Modes, Dépêche Mode, New York Daily News, Fashion District News, New York Times Magazine, W (British edition), WWD, Fashion Magazine (Canada), Flare (Canada), Oyster, Tank, WestEast…

4 thoughts on “Fake Friends, Fans, Fashion and Fame a Short Rant

  1. Hope you are over your disappointment with some, and so seeing more truth in others. Friends with common interests outside of your work are often easier to spot. Keep time for these activities.
    Good Luck.

  2. Manuela Claudia L says:

    Well, from a spiritual point of view, people that surrounds us are the
    mirror of ourselves in a form or another. Usually, what we don’t like in
    others, is something that we have to work on ourselves. The more we are
    unaware, or non-acceptant of our defaults, the more acute the situation
    coming our way will be, to make us realize what we have to improve on.

    the other hand, we have to be able to forgive to those friends, &
    accept the fact that they are at their best, and that’s the best that
    they can do obviously. We have to remember that everyone is good at
    hart, but they somehow, by force of circumstances, let a fake self to
    build up over their real self. The fashion world is quite an illusion
    based world, so it requires a strong character in order to keep our
    integrity & positive attitude all the time. Non judgment &
    forgiveness are not easy, but is the next step for us humans in our soul
    evolution, to create a beautiful & peaceful world!

    I would
    like to say as well, that I didn’t intent this comment as personal! It
    is not meant to offend you, all I know about you is that your work is
    great, or anybody else! It was meant as a suggestion based on my
    personal experience, since I am not a saint either and I continuously
    learn/try to improve! But, as this conflictual situation is very common
    and stressful in our lives in general, I hope that my insight will be
    helpful for at least one person! The bad as the good, can spread fast
    & everyone’s contribution is important to the world, we just have to
    chose what is that contribution like. And, the fashion world was always
    a trend setter, so why not evolve her self now to a higher valued trend
    setting? 🙂

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