Jean Dujardin of the Artist did Not win the César French Academy Awards

Jean Dujardin in “The Artist” directed by Michel Hazanavicius

A Short and LOUD Rant!

It is So Sad that Jean Dujardin Star of The Artist did NOT win the César the French equivalent of the Oscars (Academy Awards).

“The Artist has picked up more than 70 accolades around the world to become the most awarded French film in history” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The American Film Industry have adorned Dujardin with Praises and Prizes, yet the French rather than acknowledging Dujardin’s talent and wishing to show their difference, decide to shyte on their own door step and deny him the prize! Omar Sy Star of the Untouchable’s a huge success in France with over 19,000,000 viewers, although a very fine comedian and actor should not (in my humble opinion) have won the award.

Cesar Award

It is an extremely important film industry political decision to show consensus and not to show fragmentation by supporting your artists, especially so close to the Oscars. I guess those judging the outcome do not think it is COOL that the Americans gave Dujardin so much credit. I suspect they think he is not sophisticated enough. Well, that is how one adds to the destruction of a vibrant and thriving industry. By not supporting their own artist they cast a very negative shadow on their own home grown talent and industry! France is in the process of killing their Fashion Industry in the same way!

The Americans are confident enough in their own industry that they can reward Non-American films without feeling threatened. As a caveat, there is a similar problem in the Music Industry in France, where what is left of the major labels are just remnants of what was once a thriving industry. Some of the most successful French acts have left France for greener pastures as have many of the best talent in Fashion, Photography and Creative Internet Development Industries.

As Frédérique Renaut, our Fashion Director so aptly stated:

The Americans and The Brits are allowing foreign films to compete in the same categories. How interesting to see “Hugo Cabret” an American film, talking about the Paris of the 30’s and “The Artist”, a French film, talking about Hollywood in the 20’s and both competing for an Oscar. At the Cesar, “Hugo Cabret” was able to be nominated once only, in the Best Foreign Film category. So yes the restrictions in France are quite clear indeed.

The doors have been opened in the US to a film that everyone rejected when it came to financing it. Yes, France will be the only country that did not recompense Jean Dujardin (if he wins the Oscar tomorrow night), as I consider the Prix d’Interprétation from the International Film Festival of Cannes, an award given by an International Jury, presided by Robert De Niro, thus an International and not French Award.

Good Luck to the Arts and the Artists in France!!!

Vive la France, because they need it now more than ever!

Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo in The Artist directed by Michel Hazanavicius

Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo in The Artist directed by Michel Hazanavicius

Link Here Jean Dujardin Wins the OSCAR 

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