French Homeless in the Snow A National Embarrassment

Homeless in the Snow

Last night in a Paris buried under the snow, a friend of mine found a homeless person in front of his building. He was crying and screaming in agony that he could no longer bear the cold and was pleading to anyone who would listen to give him shelter. My friend let him in to his building, lent him a sleeping bag and gave him a coffee. He allowed him to sleep in the hallway next to his apartment door.

After a few minutes with the man, my friend recognized him. This was an ex-neighbor. Since his divorce he has been living on the street. He works in the suburbs for 1400€/ euros per month and pays child support and a pension of 500€ to his ex-wife. His ex-wife is apparently still living in the building. He, cannot afford to rent a space, nor are there any spaces available. Paris is in dire need of new living spaces to keep up with the demand.

A sad caveat. When my friend called the Emergency Number 115 for the Homeless, they told him that they could not come to get him as he was now in a private residence, thus out of their jurisdiction!!!

We are in the middle of the French Presidential Elections and I have not heard one immediate and credible solution to the housing crisis. This is a National Embarrassment!

I am angry, we are angry!

It is about time for Action and NOW!

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5 thoughts on “French Homeless in the Snow A National Embarrassment

  1. hopless in the system says:

    sad , life is so precious,and is of no value at the same time.
     how come such things happen in a developed and civilized country with enough resources and wellplanned system to tackle these things?. may be those resources are only been spent on the elite and preveliged ones, who in the first place will survive anyway.
    sad .

  2. I visited Paris earlier this week for the first time in my adult life. I was shocked and disgusted with what I witnessed.
    How is it possible for a city in a “civillized” country to allow and IGNORE this level of homelessness in the 21st century?

  3. After 500 Euros as pension!, In Paris with 900 Euros in hand, yeah I agree to rent an apartment is difficult individually. Seems he has to look out for shared stay or good to go for sleeping in SNCF/RER trains.

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  5. It can happen to all of us in a second..and it happens to many now.Families become Homeless and also Children now.It feels like “Every man for Himself”.. Everybody on their own Situation.It is Time to wake Up and Change but the Wagon goes downhill fast !

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