Photographer Graphic Artist Andrew Matusik Exhibition at M2 Gallery in Los Angeles

M2 will be featuring the surreal photographic homage’s of Andrew Matusik

© Andrew Matusik

The show entitled Sir Realist will open May 14th, 2011. Matusik has periodically turned to the great Surrealist, Dali, Magritte, Escher, Man Ray, and Bosh for inspiration in his editorial assignments. M2 Gallery is presenting the first showing of this retrospective of nearly a decade of surrealist inspired photo montage and imagery by Matusik.

© Andrew Matusik

Matusik’s Photographic career began with travel and landscapes. In 2000, He began assisting and working with some of the industries legendary fashion and celebrity photographers. He moved to NY in 2004 began navigating the fashion world. In short time Matusik was able to land editorial, commercial, and celebrity assignments. He developed a reputation as a “digital” innovator. Matusik was the first to work with single capture digital backs, played a major role in digital retouching revolution, and now is at the cutting edge of photo compositing with the utilization of CGI in still imagery.

© Andrew Matusik

Andrew Matusik, who attended Occidental College in Eagle Rock first met co-founder Gustavo Marrufo 20 years ago. Matusik was earning his two Advanced Bachelors, one in Fine Art and the other in Politics. Marrufo and Matusik shared a passion for art, humanism, and politics. Both shared similarities to approaching life’s challenges, embracing their experiences and cherishing every opportunity to grab destiny by the reigns and riding out its possibilities.

© Andrew Matusik

Fifteen years since they went on their separate paths… Matusik and Marrufo are back together and have teamed up to open the M2 Gallery with a vision of a “living” gallery. The traditional gallery formula of pretension and hype would be thrown out the window. M2’s goal is to bring patrons and enthusiast closer to the Art and the Artist. Maruffo who’s background was in Band Management, Event Production, and Night Clubs, was interested in Art as an “event” to be experienced by all. Marrufo explains, “Art to me it is the true universal language. No matter how young or old you are, where you live, or how much education or money you have… Visual art has the ability to transcend words and have a direct impact on the heart mind and soul. Art should be apart of everyone’s lives.” With this goal in mind the M2 Gallery opened its doors and its mission.

© Andrew Matusik

M2 has not only opened a gallery to visually experience images, but also a place in North Los Angeles for artist and art minded to converge and enjoy conversation, books, internet, and a diversity of artistry. Since opening the Gallery in January, M2 has hosted events with “spoken-word” poets, classical music, Sitar music, and has begun a “speaker series”. M2 has ambitious plans to introduce “pop-up” galleries in Los Angeles and New York, with an eclectic group of cross discipline artist sharing their talents to one theme that the art enthusiast can experience and even participate.

© Andrew Matusik

The M2 Gallery will be a living-breathing entity in Los Angeles, M2 desires to feed the community stimulation and thought, and the patrons and participants will nourish us with sponsorship and inspiration. M2 provides structure both physically and organizationally; it is our goal to give the artist of North Los Angeles and their patrons a place to gather, converse, debate, celebrate, experience and showcase their work.

© Andrew Matusik

M2 Gallery’s physical space exhibits fine art photography and is located in the Highland Park/Eagle Rock community of Los Angeles. Eagle Rock is nestled between Pasadena and Glendale just north of Silver Lake. Co-Founder, Gustavo Marrufo, grew up in the neighborhood and has witnessed the Business Renaissance of Pasadena and the artistic community’s adoption of Downtown, Silver lake, Mt. Washington, Highland Park, and now Eagle Rock as “the” location to live and work for artistic Angelenos. In 2004, Art Walk Los Angeles was born. In a few short years an urban cultural phenomenon was popin. So much buzz was building around this explosion in interest for the arts that Art Basel seriously was considering moving from Miami to Los Angeles. The explosion of interest in gallery hoping a social event has spread and the M2 gallery is now part of the Second Saturday Art Walk that 30 galleries participate in the North Los Angles area.

Andrew did the photo comping retouch for the Harper’s BAZAAR China “Fly Me to the Moon” Editorial by Benjamin Kanarek.

Harper’s BAZAAR China © Benjamin-Kanarek, comping by Andrew Matusik

© Andrew Matusik

Location: 4501 Eagle Rock Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90041 for appointments contact contact: Hours of operation: Tuesday – Saturday 11am to 5pm Monday & Sunday by appointment only

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2 thoughts on “Photographer Graphic Artist Andrew Matusik Exhibition at M2 Gallery in Los Angeles

  1. Hafeez HHamayoon says:

    You only need some imagination to deal with your inner soul experience. Desires to feed the community stimulation and thought, and the patrons
    and participants will nourish us with sponsorship and inspiration. Very true of Andrew Matusik,

  2. c.d.embrey says:

    I used to live in South Pasadena, when I’d ride my RD over to Grifffith Park I’d go about a block south of the Gallery. I’ll have to go by and check it out. He does like the Magritte look.

    I’m a big fan of Man Ray (love his portraits of Rrose Sélavy) and the film maker Luis Buñuel.

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