An Ode to Model Mayhem and Other Model Photographer Sites


And an Ode to Those Photographers Who Test

For those defenseless Models out there who always insist on bringing a bodyguard or a boyfriend-girlfriend to your photoshoots when shooting  with those naughty dirty minded sexually starved and lustful testing photographers out there…

I think the time has come to make a HUGE paradigm shift.  Photographers must unite and turn the table on  those wicked wenches out there and ask them to do what they so often ask for themselves, a chaperon a body guard a guardian a Heavy.



I am recommending, that from now on, when ever you are about to have a photo shoot, you bring at least 2 Female or if you are a Female Photographer 2 Male Bodyguard Models to protect you from the boyfriends or girlfriends protecting the interest of their model girlfriend or boyfriend while attending those dastardly demonic deed doers, “Fashion Photographers Who TEST” Photo Shoots!

Oh and one more thing…No matter how heated the situation gets, always keep your bodyguard with you when the model is doing a clothing change. That is where you the photographer is most vulnerable to a model attack! Keep attentive at all times and remember this, “Fashion Photographers are Good and it is Not Your Fault that She Attacked You”

Hear, Hear!!!

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