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Du Juan by Gilles-Marie Zimmermann © for West East Magazine

I have compiled some pointers you might consider when embarking on the WestEast Magazine-Benjamin Kanarek Blog Fashion Photo Contest.

A few days before you commence your photo shoot project ask yourself the following questions.

1. Do I have a well defined theme?

2. Do the clothing correspond with the story board or mood board? Is there one unique clothing change for each page to be published. Never use the same clothing article twice in the same fashion spread.

3. Do I have all of the team members to make this the kind of shoot worthy of being published i a world renowned fashion magazine?

4. Is the model up to the level one would expect to see in a world class fashion magazine? In other words, is the Model credible?

5. Has the team been fully briefed?

6. Have you planned on which images will be landscape, vertical or close up framing? It does not have to be carved in stone, but it helps in envisaging the final layout.

7. How many pages are you going for?

8. If shooting Beauty, have you considered how the theme will been reflected in how the make-up is accessorized? I.E. Feathers, Gems, Honey, Sprinkles, etc.

9. Who will do the post production for your Fashion or Beauty spread?

10. Can I meet the deadline?

11. No Repeated Items (i.e. the same scarf, shoes, dress etc.repeated on different images)

12. You can mix and match different designers per look (image).

13. No matter which designers you use they must be from the current Spring-Summer 2011 Collections

You may also wish to read THIS blog post on putting a Fashion or Beauty shoot together.

… and finally each winner of the Fashion & Beauty categories will Win a great compact camera, which they will receive 2 months after the publication of their editorial.

If I have any new pointers, I will add them as they come to me and if you have any, feel free to send them to me at:

Submissions should be sent to , but please read the contest rules closely on the main contest blog post below.

Benjamin Kanarek Blog West East Magazine Fashion Photography Contest

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