What do the Bluegrass Group “The Misfits” and my Teeth have in Common?

The Misfits ‘Til You Swing’

I have always had the greatest respect for multi talented  individuals. Especially if one of those individuals is also considered to be one of the most highly respected Dentists in Europe. Michel Rechtman is the central figure of this traditional Bluegrass group. Oh and by the way he also just happens to be my dentist… If your curious, please read on.

Cover Photo by © Michel Rechtman

When ever I listen to these tunes, I imagine what it might have been like in New Orleans in the 60’s when the Blues & Bluegrass was at it’s pinnacle. If you are familiar with Cajun Music, I am sure you’ll appreciate this eclectically fun mix. Michel is an accomplished Blues guitarist with a silky smooth almost baritone voice. Being of French origin, you might pick up a bit of his charming accent. I really appreciate the grass roots quality of this album especially considering where it has come from. Yes, Michel and his group are very talented souls indeed.

There is something very endearing about these tunes that could easily fit in to a Tennessee Williams screen play.

So, who are Les Misfits ?

A patchwork- band with members from a variety of musical backgrounds. These musicians meet on a bridge that links these neighboring musical worlds: jazz standards, jazz musette, traditional music from the Appalachians played by friends in the open air at sunset when the grass slowly turns blue. No trace of nostalgia here. Every one puts their 2 cents in, seeking to steer the ever beloved and respected standards into new spaces.

Upright Bass is covered by Bruno Morange. Lead Guitar, Thomas Dorn. Banjo by Steve Misri. Mandolin by Peters Day and Michel Rechtman on Rhythm Guitar and Vocals. With guest vocalist Gabriela Arnon.

Watch a Live Performance of Russian Lullaby Below (a bit noisy but… That’s what Bars are for!)

Have a Listen to Russian Lullaby here from the album ‘Til You Swing’

Check out all of their stuff at their Myspace

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