Response to the Politics of Fashion Photography Part 14 the Fashion Stylist

On occasion I get responses to my blog posts that merit their own posting.  I felt that John Fisher’s response to the Politics of Fashion Photography Part 14 the Stylist, was worthwhile in doing so.  Thank You John.

above image © John Fisher for Red Chic (a division of Yuka-Paris)
Model: Maria Kanellis, Hair and Makeup: Frances Lordan

One thing these posts continue to throw light on is how much of getting picked as the photographer depends as much on how capable you are of handling the project as it is about your photography.

Don’t get this wrong, your photographic style and technique counts, but having the demonstrated experience of handling a major assignment (picking the team, going on location, shooting under sometimes not the best circumstances, and consistently producing a usable product) is often why we get these assignments. (See “The Importance of Tear Sheets”. It references models, but the same information holds for photographers.)

You have to be willing to take the blame, because if it all goes down the tubes, it will be the photographer who is toast, regardless.

And Ben does point out the benefit of working with other (new) team members. You never know when your name will come up at the right time because someone has worked with you in the past. Treat everyone on the team with respect, things change. A person you met as a makeup assistant could be an art director five or six years from now. It’s happened to me.

And never forget, you meet the same people on the way down that you met on the way up. When you’re headed in the other direction, the long knives come out, and it ain’t pretty.


above image © John Fisher

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